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  1. thanks guys... I had this problem with an older subaru that I had, and I just took my extra jack, and wedge it between the wheel well and the wheel, and after I started to open it, it just popped right off. Obviously I didn't have such luck with this one. I'll let you know how it goes... or if I have to tie the tire to my truck and pull... HAHAHA
  2. Anyone have any good trick to removing a front wheel that is stuck. I took the 4 lug nuts off but the wheel won't come off. BTW - 95 Geo Prism
  3. First off, I did a little searching, but I couldn't find the exact problem I was having... I have a 95 Prizm, 5sp, 179,000 miles. I having some vibration problems when between 55-70, but I found out some things to do, like check the tire balance alignment, etc. to start. I just don't know if maybe my problem below is related to the vibrations... The other day I left the lights on and the battery died (i know stupid me). I was parallell parked so I needed to push it back 10 feet so I could get jumped... and then I noticed this awful scraping sound which sounded like it was metal on metal. It also happend one other time that I pulled out of a parking lot from a cold start, I tried to make it go away by pushing on the brake, but that didn't seam to change the pitch of the sound, or make the sound go away. As I pulled away, the sound got higher and higher in pitch and eventually went away about 1/4 mile down the road. Keep in mind that I don't really know how to work on cars minus some routine maintenance, brakes, oil, belts, etc. What should I start to look at first, if it's not the brakes? Thanks in advance.