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  1. I use a cassette adapter for AUX right now. I was just wondering if a newer radio would fit. It is no problem for me to make a connector for a newer radio and wire it correctly and newer radios are cheap on ebay. I was really wondering if the dimensions are the same. I dont have one to measure to see if it would fit. I like the stock look over putting in an aftermarket radio.
  2. I was thinking about changing my stock 04 corolla radio with a newer Corolla radio that can use sat radio and can play mp3s. I currently have the CD/Cassette Corolla radio - I would want to install a radio like this - Has anyone tried this? Are the holes in the dash the same? Are the connectors the same? If the connectors are different can they be spliced using an aftermarket radio harness kit or do new corolla have some kind of computer integration in them?
  3. 03 Or 04?

    I agree. Had an 03 and there were some issues. A thought for you. Toyota was doing $1,500 cash back on the 08 CE. I got one for arounf $14K with a dealer discount since the 09 was coming in Feb 08. Check it out. Might get a new 08 with warranty for not too much more than an 04. My sister just bought an 07 corolla for the same price as they sold the 04s on the same lot. I had the 04 model and convinced her to get a corolla.
  4. I was able to get a 92 Geo Prism automatic (aka Toyota Corolla) to over 110mph on the speedometer. I estimate I was going around 115mph. This was on a 2 lane highway, and everyone was in the right lane. I kept checking the oncoming traffic for cops. I saw one, slowed down, and moved to the right lane. Two cops pulled up and they pulled over the driver right behind me. I guess they assumed a prism could never reach those speeds. I feel bad for the guy behind me that got a ticket for 115mph.
  5. I have a 2004 Corolla and tried everything to get the drums off. I even completely retracted the brakes by spinning the star. The only thing that works is getting 2 bolts to screw into the drum. There are 2 threaded holes on the front of the drum. I just measured the diameter with a ruler, i believe it was 7mm but not 100% sure. I bought two bolts and slowly alternated screwing them in. After a couple of turns the drum pop right off.
  6. You can leave your OD on all the time, everyone does. You are the first person I have ever heard of that waits until they are at 80 to turn it on.
  7. I would just run a new line from the battery if you are using a power inverter or something that uses alot of amps. You could also use a test probe to test wires until you find one that is hot while the car is off, I did this for my blazer when I wanted to add in an always on outlet. You could just splice into the always on wire for the radio, according to the pdf the always on battery wire to the radio would be either purple with a yellow stripe or just yellow.
  8. There are no boxes visible underneath the front driver or passenger seats. Are those the only locations for the factory remote unlocker equipment?
  9. I have a 2004 Corolla S. I bought it used from a small dealer that did not have the original keys since he bought it at an auction. He had the keys cut from the VIN from the dealer. How can I tell if my Corolla S has a factory remote start or unlock? Can I tell from the VIN? If it does have one, how do I know which FCC ID to buy a replacement remote.