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  1. Battery

    i hav a 89 rolla le and this morning it wouldnt turn over so i poped the hood and had a redish cranberry looking fluid on my battery and it just wouldnt turn over no matter what i would do before i had a problem were it wouldnt turn over cuz the one cable is loose what could this be please help because this is my dd
  2. hi i have a 1989 toyota corolla le with the 4-AF motor and i was wondering if i have o2 sensors or and exhaust sensor because i got some gauges for it and was wondering wat i can do with them or if i have to get rid of them your help will be appreciated
  3. my brakes feel normal except if i pump them they get hard faster than normal
  4. its a 1989 toyota corolla it wasnt stalled it was like i did but all the lights didnt come on but yes it still was on and it was the brake light in the dash that lets you know that ur ebrakes up it went back to normal but now my brake lights stay on
  5. my car jus today i stoped at a stop sign and i lost power steering and my e brake light came on and the battery light. it eventually came back but as i pulled backinto school everything worked again but now my brake lights stayed on. my question to everyone is wat could be wrong and could it be expensive. Your time amd help will be appreciated.
  6. i have crappy subs now with no amp and when i had the amp they sounded really bad it was all distorted and the box is ok but has a water spot on it and does anybody have anyideas on matierial to wrap it in
  7. im lookin at getting two kickers from circuity city that are 75 for one and u get one free as for amp i dont know yet heres a pic of my audio pipes and they are not powered they sound worse than not powered..and a question is it possible for me to recover the box or paint it
  8. the one corolla i have is a 1989 toyota corolla le thats my daily driver and thats what ill be puttin the amps and subs into
  9. what kind of amp and subs are good right now im lookin at pioneer for amp and maybe a brand called fusion for the subs are they a good brand or what do u recomend for a good amp and sub combo Heres what i have so far: Pioneer headunit 50x4 Stock speakers up front two pioneer 3Way Speakers 220 watts and two crappy audio pipe subs hooked up to the speakers right now if i get a amp ill blow them real easy
  10. Exhaust

    lately ive been seeing alot of 4dr corollas with exhaust on them. I was wondering any spefic brands that are better than the other and will just about any work i would like a almost ricer sound idk why jus something to piss others off and the exhaust would be for a 1989 toyota corolla le 4af motor
  11. when its cold it chatters alil bit and idk if its the orginal clutch i got all the papers for it since its been in my family since new my dad seems to think the trans is starting to go out i hope not if it does i gotta buy a new car since i graduate 08 and go to college right after that anything else u think it could possibly be
  12. uh manual it happens anytime i try to give the car some gas besides first gear....1789300miles idk about tune up maybe almost year ago when i got the inspeciton done other than that no tune up car kinda rattles after 45+ miles an hour not always though
  13. when i try to give my car a lil more gas to go faster in a gear my revs go up but my car doesnt gain speed please help me and if i posted this in the wrong place please guide me to the right place Thanks
  14. hello i have a 89 toyota corolla le and was wondering if there is any performance parts i can get for it or anything i can do for descently cheap...