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  1. Where do you live? Out here in BC Canada, Toyota has a 3 year bumper to bumper warranty, and 5 years for the drivetrain ...what you have experienced certainly would fall under the warranty protection in this area.... That's the scary thing about owning an "interference" engine...I owned a '90 Nissan Pulsar that chewed up the timing sprockets and chain because a plastic guide had broken. It only cost me about $1000 to fix, because it was a "non-interference" engine. (1.6L)
  2. Are you sure that the plugs you bought are the correct ones? If they are incorrectly sized, the sound you are hearing may be the pistons glancing off them. Pull the plugs and check immediately! Look for score marks on the plugs...
  3. I burn Chevron 92 octane in my '03 Corolla, and I seem to get better mileage than when I previously used 89. I'm not sure of the exact difference in kilometers, but during a week's worth of driving to work on 89, I used half a tank of fuel. Switching to 92, I'm burning just below 3/4 of a tank. (a substantial improvement IMO, and worth the few cents difference in price)
  4. I do oil and filter on my '03 CE every 5000KM (usually under 5000KM, actually). The previous owner had dealer oil changes at every 8000KM-to me that's WAY too long of a service interval, especially with the sludge build up Toyotas are rumored to have. My dad has an '02 Mazda Protege that he drives very seldom-I change the oil every 3 months, even though it looks new when I drain it. Cheap and simple maintenance that will prolong your vehicle's lifespan greatly...
  5. I don't mean to sound dumb, but are you sure you had the clutch pedal FULLY depressed to the floor? I thought I was having starter issues with my '03 CE, until I realized I didn't have the clutch fully engaged. Even a millimeter off the floor will engage the clutch safety switch.
  6. My wife has a '97 VW Golf that is black...after I finish detailing it, that car looks absolutely awesome! If it rains a day later, it looks like it hasn't been washed in months. I have spent an entire afternoon on it with a touch up stick to cover the innumerable nicks and scratches that occur over time- Black paint is a real PITA! My old silver '88 Toyota 4x4 pickup would look shiny, even in the winter when it was always raining and I couldn't keep it clean. (low maintenance) Right now, I own an Impulse Red '03 Corolla CE 5 spd. (Not my favorite color, but I bought it used..) It's not too bad from a distance when it's dirty, but after a coat of Mcquire's fine cut cleaner, and Gold Class polish, it gleams like a ruby!
  7. I'm not 100% sure, but I think that if your car has the electronic door lock option (the switch on the driver's and passenger side), then it should also have the remote enabled. If it is a Sport model, then I would assume that it is more or less a stock feature...does it also have a red alarm light beside the headlight dimmer switch?
  8. Hi Friar If I may add my 2 cents, whatever you do, don't ever put a hood bra or deflector on your car. The bra will give you paint discoloration and holds moisture as well. The hood deflector/visor traps grit and crap underneath it, and this will wear on the paint and metal like sandpaper. Unfortunately, I am speaking through personal experience
  9. I bought my used '03 Corolla about 2 months ago (55,000KM), and I had to replace the right rear wheel bearing just after I bought it. (my own fault-it was pissing rain when I test drove it ). I'm not too upset though, because instead of the quoted $650 dealer price for the part, I managed to get an aftermarket hub assembly for $125. Every used car has a secret...other than that, my little Impulse red 'Rolla runs great, and gets absolutely AWESOME gas mileage: Less than half of what I used to pay for my '88 3.0L 4x4 pickup per week. I figure that the gas money I have saved has more than paid for the expenditure of the rear wheel bearing. I also like the fact that the 1.8L has a timing chain instead of a belt...less maintenance! I was also considering the 2000-'03 Protege, but given the "average" reliability rating that it had compared to the Corolla's "excellent" (Consumer's Report, Lemon Aid et al ), and plus the fact that my old 'Yota had 270,000 KM on her before it died, made me decide on the Corolla.
  10. Well, I feel that if they have a checklist to fill out (as they did with mine), it is not good enough to check the "satisfactory" box without actually checking the component for problems. It also really burns me that they flat out lied about replacing the items (filters) , and documented the fabrication as well. As it is a used vehicle, and I'm not the original owner, I don't think that the dealer would do much in the way of compensation. (after all, I'm not the one who was ripped off, it was the original owner of the car). It was my own ignorance and trust in the service records that was the culprit, so I have no one to blame but myself... Oh well, it's still a great car-I absolutely love it! I still think scheduled dealer maintenance is a joke, however....
  11. Hi all I bought my used "dealer serviced" 2003 CE about 3 months ago, and I recently checked out the engine and cabin air filter which were supposedly changed 2 months before I bought the vehicle (according to the service records.) Well, big surprise, the engine filter was black with grime, and the cabin one had spiderwebs on it. The guy who owned the car before me paid about $300 for the "regular scheduled maintenance" package, and got raped, IMO...does anyone monitor these rip off artists? If I owned the car from new and discovered this duplicity, I 'd be more than a little pissed off! I think I will flush and replace the coolant myself, seeing as how that service was "performed" at the same time. Just like they had "checked" the wheel bearings for noise and play, and I had to replace the right rear one just after I bought it. Jerkoffs..
  12. Bikeman, the new bearings are sealed, and come as a whole hub assembly; they aren't meant to be taken apart....
  13. Wow -another nail to drive in the 3.0L's coffin, other than the premature Graphite head gasket failure. I understand that ToyMoCo was very liberal in recalls for this problem, so maybe they "dug in their heels" about the sludge buildup issue. Example-my buddy has a 1992 4Runner V6 that lost the HG at 250,000KM (this was in 1999), and Toyota replaced the entire engine under the recall. (cost:$6500 CAD). I can understand the potential losses for Toyota, so I admire them even more for admitting that there was a problem and giving compensation for "sludge complaints". (although, if you don't do regular maintenance on your vehicles, you are to blame as well) For those of you that are pissed with ToyMoCo, it could be worse: you could own a Chevy, Ford, or Dodge and get absolutely nothing for your efforts. Prime examples: Ford Pinto/Chevy Silverado explosion prone gas tank assemblies...
  14. Unless you live in Arizona, or California, I think that attempting to restore an older model Toyota with ANY rust on it, is a losing battle. I tried with my 1982 Mirage 4x4, and ended up building a cedar box on it (the frame eventually snapped in an accident), and with my '88 4x4 pickup, I finally gave up after 5 years of grinding and filling. The quality of steel used in these older vehicles was below subpar, in my opinon. Mechanically, they were, and are far superior to anything else produced in that era. (and STILL are!)
  15. I know a better reason to buy a Corolla..It's a Toyota!!!!!!! I considered Mazda (the Ford alliance scares me), and Honda (the theft record of theses vehicles is appalling), and I stayed with the "tried and true". My last vehicle was a 1988 Toyota 4x4 pickup with over 260,000KM on it-need I say more?

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