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  1. My car is just over 142,000 miles. It's a 1994 Super White DX (1.8) auto. Things that have been done to the car (to my knowledge)... alternator at 90,000, thermostat, distributor cap & rotor recently (140,000), front motor mount (at about 130,000), brakes (at 135,000) wires and plugs, air filter & oil changes & belts religiously. I had a coolant flush at about 125,000. Also I had to have the harmonic balancer changed at around 130,000. The car still runs pretty much like a dream. It doesn't seem to burn ANY oil. NO LEAKS, and it still gets pretty good gas mileage (about 29-33). I plan on driving it all the way to California in a year, when I move there. I have no doubt that it will make it there painlessly. The only thing I have to basically decide is whether or not I'd like to do some suspension work. I know the car probably isn't worth more than $2,800, but if I replaced the struts and had it ride a little smoother, I'd love this car even more. I also am wondering whether or not I've had the timing belt changed on this car? All in all, cannot complain. This baby is built to last. Oo, I forgot, I had to replace 2 interior door handles... lol. And my stock speakers sound a little crappy... Who else has a little bit of rust forming on their 1993-1994? I have some rust around the rims of the rear wheel wells. I sand it down, and prime and paint every summer... but unfortunately, I think it's irreversible at this point. It's starting to eat the metal a bit. I pretty much think this car will rust and fall apart before the engine EVER gives up. (Hopefully years from now.)
  2. I kind of want to seafoam my 94. Heard it does wonders... but I also heard you're supposed to do 1/3 in the tank, 1/3 in the crankcase, and 1/3 through a vacuum line (PVC or brake booster)... that way it cleans out the intake as well. As far as the stalling goes? I dunno maybe you have a vacuum leak or something...or maybe either fuel or ignition problems?
  3. Thanks for replying. I know I probably have a lot of miles left to go on this car. Sucks its starting to rust, because I know its only going to get worse. Damn winter. Anyways, I'll probably just go for OEM struts. I just cant handle how the car feels currently. It's so rough, not to mention all the creaks that I hear, and the body roll that I experience. A lot of things feel loose in the suspension, I probably need more than just struts...
  4. So I always think that my 94 Corolla DX puts other Corollas to shame. My car doesn't have major rust problems (although some rust on the rear wheel wells that is barely noticeable), and I plan on sanding it down and taking care of the rust again, like I do every summer. The paint is stock and still shiny, the interior is near mint (although rattles sometimes), the engine sounds mostly quiet at idle and while driving. I have a White 1994 DX, with 142,000 miles on it. I received it about 4 years ago from my grandma, with 90,000 on it. I feel as though when I drive around and see other Corollas (mostly 7th & 8th gens) my car looks 10X better. I've taken immaculate care of it. I keep up with the maintenance... I've replaced the thermostat, distributor cap & rotor, plugs and wires (when needed), a motor mount or two, air filter religiously, oil every 4-5,000 miles.... basically all the things this car has ever needed (nothing major). Other Corollas that are as old as mine, that I see are usually rust buckets, and/or dented horribly, running poorly. I feel like when I give my Corolla a nice wash (ext and interior) it looks almost as if it just left the dealer lot in 1994. I'm not trying to toot my own horn, it's just a shame to see so many Corollas that were poorly taken care of. I guess a lot of people probably look at Corollas and don't care about them, because it's a little "econo-box", but I freaking love mine. I've never had a car that has needed such little maintenance, plus a car that has never left me stranded, or didn't start. And this is the EASIEST car I have ever worked on, mechanically. I was thinking about selling my 94, and getting a 2000 or something, but I'm thinking no... I wanna keep this baby running for as long as I can. I've also NEVER seen the check engine light, or the oil light come on. I understand that because my grandma drove it from when it was brand new until 2006, she took care of it, took it in for repairs, etc...but I'd like to think that I've maintained it pretty well. Anyone else think that they have an older generation Corolla that looks as clean as the newer ones? Maybe I'll get some pics up... Just sharing with you all. This Corolla is the best car I've owned, and when it goes (if it ever does) I plan on getting another. For a 16+ year old car, you can't beat it. Also, just a quick question... one thing I am noticing about my Corolla is the suspension seems a little shotty. I did the bounce test, and it feels like the front driver side, and rear passenger side shocks/struts are going bad. I'd like to get all 4 struts replaced, which would probably be a little pricey. Would it be worth it put a new suspension on a car that is this old? It's probably only worth about $2800 at the most, but I just hate how it drives. If I hit a major bump or pothole, it hits it ROUGH, and makes a bunch of noises. The suspension is really the only thing that I can really tell that's going bad on this car, and I know this car will run well into the 200,000 miles and over... so should I get the suspension fixed?
  5. Hello, Ok, so today I will be receiving new turn signals. I ordered clear ones on the internet. I'm guessing I have to go out and buy amber bulbs, because I am guessing that the stock turn signal bulbs are clear. I just have a removing the turn signal pretty easy? I have a 1994 DX, so I am guessing all I have to do is remove the screw, slide the signal over so it clears the tab that keeps it in place, and reach around the back and spin it until it pops out? The only problem is, I noticed when I remove the screw and pop the signal out, I don't have much play. The cord for the bulb is very short, not allowing me much room to reach my hand in and undo the light. Hopefully this makes sense to you guys, I just woke up, so not all of it may be written correctly, haha. Anyways, I hope someone can help me out, thanks !
  6. Ok, first off... no I am not a ricer. I have a practically bone stock Corolla DX... with a front upper strut bar, that's about the extent of any modifications. I am interested in getting an ebay intake for my '94 DX. What I want is a better sound, that deeper tone that comes with putting an intake on. I realize that it's not going to yield many benefits as far as performance goes, but I would like to hear from other members here that may have installed a ram or cold air intake on their 1.8L (7th Gen) Corolla. Did you notice any difference in acceleration, gas mileage improvement, improved exhaust/engine sound, at all?? I know that the stock air intake system is probably sufficient for the car... but I was just curious as to what other members have experienced with a cone filter setup. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the comments. I have an automatic, unfortunately. I really wish it was a stick. And it has the 1.8L, which surprisingly has decent power. I did check the state limit for tinting. In Ohio, the front 2 windows can be 50%, and the rear 3 can be any percentage. So I got 50 percent in the fronts, and 20 percent in the rears. Again thanks for the comments! I just love how clean it is.
  8. So I put some tint on my 94 DX today, and decided to snap some pics, and post them, since I never have. I didnt do too bad of a job on the tint, some annoying creases, and a couple lil bubbles, but overall, it doesnt look bad. I have yet to tint the back window, didnt get to it, but I hope to tomorrow. Its pretty clean... tell me whatcha think.. Sorry bout the links, didnt know how to post pictures correctly. My bad.
  9. Yeah, I got the stock exhaust... why would you wanna put a muffler on a Corolla?
  10. Every car ive owned has had a higher idle when first being started, and lowers once it warms up. Mostly in the winter time, but its nothin to worry about!
  11. OMG, sometimes I shift my auto Rolla into Neutral while going about 40mph downhills, just to roll (cuz its a rolla)... I never knew that was bad. I only shift back into drive when I have stopped though.
  12. You got lucky! It is unfortunate that it happened, but be happy that, number 1: you are alive, and number 2: your cars damage isnt too extensive. That is only a little scratch, plus youre not paying for it, so its cool!
  13. Cool, thanks for the heads up. Ill have to try it out. My headlights arent even too badly yellowed, for a 94, but ill do it anyway.
  14. Got the Strut Bar on, and everything. Seems to be doin good, and seems to handle better, also the front end feels much more secure and stiff, it feels good. Pretty good 30 dollars spent.
  15. I am expecting my upper front strut bar today in the mail. Installation im guessing is quite simple? I dunno, It was from ebay, and it was like 30 dollars with shipping so why not? I like the idea of strengthening and stiffening the front end, and it'll handle better, even though it already handles good.