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  2. That would confirm it being the VVT timing gear... Does it sound like a diesel engine at all while idling? Can you let us hear it at 1600-1800 rpm as well?
  3. Have you washed or replaced your cabin air filter? I also adjusted the air mix control cable by removing and reinstalling the clip to have door positively shut at coldest position, as shown in lower expanded diagram.,2003,corolla,1.8l+l4,1432914,heat+&+air+conditioning,cabin+air+filter,6832
  4. How about your sway bar end links, and inner tie-rod ends?
  5. Your engine oil capacity with filter is 3.9 quarts. Keep it at the full mark... Being 2-1/2 quarts low (to have it back to full, and not just at mid-point) is quite deplorable and deserving of severe condemnation but if it still runs normally, it should be okay for a while still. Time will tell. Is it 5W-30?
  6. That's just your catalytic converters that are operating below efficiency threshold... Was your ECU ever recalibrated as per TSB EG028-04 to raise the said threshold? Does the engine consume much oil between changes?
  7. It's part of the cooling system which is under some level of pressure... You'll be fine though. I'm on all original hoses at 212,000 miles now, and with no intention of replacing them for its last year of use and beyond.
  9. Which type of ATF did you use, exactly? Allow enough fluid out to correct the overfill, as it would read even higher at transmission's maximum possible operating temperature... It would be advisable to remove the pan to clean it and the magnet, and replace the filter. You can then replace all of remaining fluid by disconnecting cooler return line, and idling it a quart or two out at a time. Transmission filter,2010,corolla,1.8l+l4,1444173,transmission-automatic,filter,8600 DENSO 4711 Iridium Long-Life; Iridium TT spark plugs,2010,corolla,1.8l+l4,1444173,ignition,spark+plug,7212
  11. I'll be getting a set of Minerva - Frostrack HP Studless to replace my Hankook Optimo 4S tires... They are exactly the same as Imperial Snowdragon HP Studless. Free shipping to anywhere in Canada.
  12. PCV Valve # 12204-22041 with green Loctite has M16 (16mm diameter) x 1.5mm threads. It takes a 22mm or 7/8" (22.225mm) wrench or deep socket. PCV Valve # 12204-22051 with pink Loctite has 3/8" BSP threads (16.6624mm diameter), 19 TPI (1.337mm threads). It takes a 3/4" (19.05mm) or 19mm wrench or deep socket. Valve cover gasket # 11213-0D040,,11213 Part # 90210-06013 is a seal washer (grommet) for one of two valve cover bolts.
  13. Orange silicone gasket # 17171-22060 (Mahle/Victor Reinz MS19590) is the improved version for common intake manifold vacuum leak.,2007,corolla,1.8l+l4,1434445,engine,intake+manifold+gasket,5424
  14. Hard Start

    Yeah, just replace the gasket... Make sure is orange silicone gasket # 17171-22060, or Victor Reinz # MS19590.
  15. Hard Start

    Vacuum leak very common at intake manifold gasket, particularly when engine is cold. Replace with revised orange silicone gasket # 17171-22060 (Victor-Reinz # MS19590).