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  1. did they say what in the transaxle broke? if it were a synchro, ok those are wear items...if a gear spalled and ground up, that'd be a manufacturing fault i'd think. those gears are very hard to destroy, you have to be powershifting, running a very hard clutch, and dumping it from stops into 1st gear at 5 grand EVERY time you leave a light for a few weeks. anyways, you'd damage an axle or strip the dogteeth on the synchro before you'd grind up a gear. and a bearing failure is very very unusual. tell them you want to know what broke. They wouldn't say. They simply claimed that it was one part. After I asked them some more questions, they admitted it that it wasn't a single part, but rather they don't investigate and all they do is replace the entire unit. My gears are fine. I don't run my car hard at all. At this point Toyota won't consider that it was a manufacturing fault, because I didn't change my transmission oil at 60,000 - even though I had my wheel bearings replaced at 65,000 and the toyota service rep. told me that I didn't need to change the oil yet.
  2. Sounds familiar. Is it louder when the car is hot, and louder when you are engine braking? There are several of us with the 2ZZ that have noticed noisy transmissions. No fix we know of. It is the same whether it is hot or cold, but I have not noticed anything while I was engine breaking. Later this evening my car actually broke down on the road. The grinding turned to a high pitch when in gear and the silence when I took it out of gear was replaced with a clacking (I'm trying my best with the car-sound verbiage). After a jerk from the front end, the car completely siezed up as I was turning off of the road. My engine worked. I could try to get into first and move the car but it would just stal out. Though I was on an incline, my car did not need to brake in order to stay still. My brother arrived pushed his truck into the bummer and we began moving it to a better parking spot. The front left wheel grabbed and began to slam around until finally something snapped back in place allowing me to be able to drive it into a parking space. Tell me that's not weird.
  3. When I am driving I get a grinding sound when I am in gear. It increases in volume as I go faster, but as soon as I pull it out of gear the sound disappears. I can rev the engine - no sound. No problems turning. Is this an axle issue?

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