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  1. i just replaced my plugs on a 01 corolla wiht 93k on it the stock plugs looked like crap i changed them with OBX racing iridiums plugs r100 they are the exact same thing and work good will report on any increase or decrease of performance paid 20 bucks for them instead of 12 bucks a pop for denso or ngk also most corollas need a Iridium spark plug dont bother getting platinum or coper crap. the 97-02 require iridiums and should be replaced with them
  2. i put a strut on 3 months ago i also got mine off of ebay but i paid 6 bucks for it it is a generic bar with different mounts to fit my 01 corolla seems to work good turning is definatly there but not as much as u may think but it is there worth the 6 bufcks i spent on it
  3. has anyone else put this ran into this problem i dont think the sleeve thing will work and i dont want to mess with that junk i y do they change the holes on this unit over the rest that is stupid but you guys think it will work if i drill new holes and is it worth it. if i take it to like circuit city and have them look and see if the braket will work is that worth doing. i know they have a open panasonic unit there and maybe we can check it out to see what i have to do. but again is it worth it to do? sorry i run my sentences together
  4. i have a 01 corolla s and i get crap for mileage idk y i cant go more than 350 on a take of gas with 87 and like 360 on 93 idk what is wrong with my car i am gettin if im lucky in the high 20s the car has 90k miles on it and the i run it kinda hard going around town and like 70-75 on the highway idk what it is but it makes me mad it only cost like 26 to fill up in stupid ct but it doesnt last. i snip between 3k +4k rpm so idk if someone can help me with some pointers maybe tire idk alignment im not really sure. all i know is the trany had probs when i got it the preivous owner an old person drove it with a broken tany shift cable so once i bought it the place fixed it but it still isnt perfect no matter how i drive it. if someone can help that would be great
  5. i thank you all for the help sorry i forgot to say what it was. im looking into the Panasonic CQ-C8803U the only reason i want it is beacuse it is powerful and i dont want to mess with amps in my car it puts out 70x4watts per channel and 31rms so i figure its got power on its own but according to crutchfield the mounting will not fit the brackets i have the first couple are of the unit sides the 2nd group is of my what i have in my car and the brackets the unit i want what i have thanks for all the help if someone could tell me some info and the one who put one in their car did u have trouble?
  6. ok so i have an 01 corolla and i am putting in a audio system i didnt want to mess with an amp so i came across this panasonic headunit but aperently there is no way to mount this one in my car becuase it uses the stupid design like the american cars with the dumb tabs i really want this head unit becuase it has a lot of power from the get go but crutchfield says it wont fit and i look at the manual and it also looks like it wont work my car can take every other stupid unit out ther except these and taht makes me mad. does anyone know if i can mount this unit in i believe it is like a sleeve unit instead of just mounting it to the side of the space. if anyone knows if it can be done then i would love that info i dont care even if i have to mod something to get it to work. i want this headunit. does anyone have pictures of what the dash looks like so i dont have to take mine apart to find out? thanks for the help if u know anything please tell me or my email is
  7. know anyone who has put aftermarket stuff on? also i was looking at ur pictures that picture of a sway bar is that for ur car
  8. ok that makes sense ill take see if i can see it did u do anything to the suspension on urs like a sway bar or strut bar also what are u getting for mileage im not getting crap like 27 28mpg if im lucky using 87 octane idk wtf is up with it
  9. ok well does it look like i have one in those pictures it really doesnt so i was wondering y it doesnt have one
  10. i have a 01 s model and i am looking to get a sway bar and strut bar but ive read the some corollas dont ahve a sway bar and unless im blind mine doesnt look like it does maybe i just cant tell where it is but i can usually find that stuff does anyone know if mine doesnt have one and if i buy one will i need to get anything new to make it work here is what my underside looks like can someone point this out for me