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  1. ebay is your cheapest bet. Find a set with metal clips, not the cheapo plastic ones.
  2. I have a 2005 corolla LE. I'm looking to pick up another keyless remote that has a trunk release button. When I bought the car, they told me it was going to be $700 to program it! Freakin' dealers. The remotes are easy enough to program (have done from ebay twice), but will it work with a feature that I didn't originally have? Thanks!
  3. I've had a few pieces of weatherstripping pop off the car. The way my body shop guys explained it to me, driving around in the desert heat will warp the rubber, and it eventually shrinks up and pops off. For the rear door (the most recent), I pulled off the weatherstripping and hung it up in our furnace room for about 3 days. Took it back out and popped it into place. I also put a little bit of black silicon adhesive in one of the most troublesome corners. Good as new! We did the same thing to the strips along the top of the car.
  4. I had the same problem with my '05 over the holidays. It seemed to be more noticeable before I filled my tank. I had maybe an 1/8th of a tank. It went away after I filled the tank and let it sit for a few hours. After it ran for a while and warmed up, no problem. Temps were around 0-10 degrees overnight.
  5. I'm having a similar problem with the weatherstripping on my rear doors. It's the same as the gaskets along the top of the car. Due to the extreme conditions out here in the desert, the rubber shrinks up and warps a bit. I'm going to pull them off and bring them in the house to warm up for about 24 hours or so. Hopefully, this will loosen them up enough to fit back in and secure with some black silicone adhesive I picked up.
  6. Well, I had the brakes redone. I did look at the parts as well, and without being an automotive expert of any kind, they looked worn to me. I guess I just need to accept that there are some things that will start to wear on a 3-year old car, even if it's a toyota. That's ok. It's worth the h****le once a year to keep my car running smooth for the next 10. Thanks to everyone for their support!
  7. I'm driving an '05 LE, with about 55,000miles on it. I live in Vegas, so lots of hot, desert driving conditions. I'm having the rear brakes changed out today. (They told me about it at my last oil change, but the guy told me it could wait until my next oil change). I'm always concerned that they are going to rip me off at the dealership, but because my car is still under warranty, I have everything done there. How long do the rear drums normally last? They've never been changed, and I always use my parking brake, so I've had them cleaned & adjusted several times. I know the pads are normally very thin brand new, and it is a front-wheel drive car, but since I'm headed across country for the holidays, I'd rather be safe than sorry. Thanks in advance!
  8. I have an 05 Corolla LE. I have some major OCD when I lock the doors. If I don't see the lights flash 2 or 3 times, I don't believe it's locked. I would like to have the horn beep when I lock the doors with my remote. Is this an easy fix? Thanks in advance!!
  9. The dealership where I bought my car told me that the mirror was the same as the tundra, but that the parts & install would be more than a grand! What a load! I'm finding a bunch of these mirrors on ebay and other sites online for less than $300, the mounts appear to be the same. Has anyone else installed one of these in an '05 corolla? I really just want the remote link buttons for the gate & garage (don't care about the temp sensor). Thanks in advance!
  10. They will tell you what will fit and can give you an adapter that will make any radio fit. They will also give you all the needed cables and wires plus all the instructions for installing. Thanks. I checked the website out, but unfortunately they haven't researched that part of my car yet. I have no idea what that means, but I'll keep checking. Thanks again!
  11. I got hit by a drunk driver a couple years ago, on the way home from starbucks with two full lattes in the car. Picture a tidal wave made of hot soy milk. The detailers took the system apart twice to clean it, but it just hasn't been the same since. I'd like to get a new model, something with HD radio or Satellite ready, but the deck is twice as tall as most normal systems. Anyone know where I can look for a system that will fit? Thanks in advance!
  12. '05 Corolla LE 39,750 miles I get the oil changed & fluids checked on a very regular basis at the dealership. Yet, I went to a tire store to have a nail removed, and they told me my transmission fluid was burnt & needed to be flushed. Now, I think they were probably trying to rip me off, considering they were going to charge me over $300 to do this, but it got me thinking, when should I have it flushed? The owner's manual doesn't say to do it at 30,000 miles, and I would have thought that the toyota dealership would have at least mentioned it if it were really burnt. Should I go back and have the transmission fluid changed out? Is it worth the extra money to have them do a 13-qt flush vs. a drain & 3 new qts? I haven't experienced any problems with shifting or anything. Thanks for your help!!
  13. Squeaking Brakes

    05 Rolla, 23K miles, desert driving. I've heard that most dealerships typically don't add enough lube to the brake pads, causing some extra squeak. My 05 has been squeaking upon every stop pretty consistently for a few months now. The dealership told me they were fine, but how annoying! I just recently swapped out the stock brake pads for ceramics, and I already love them! the OEMs were about 1/2 way down (pretty disgraceful for only 23K miles, especially since I don't exactly off-road), but they were extremely dirty. I don't know if just cleaning them would've done the trick, but since the ceramics have way less brake dust, I'll give them a shot.
  14. When my 05 LE was 2 weeks old, I got as far as 650 miles on one tank. Of course, those days are over... In Vegas, with 95% city driving, trips shorter than 20 miles, I average about 26 mpg. Highway still good with about 38-40 mpg. No one gets good city gas mileage in Vegas.
  15. A few days ago, my '05 corolla LE and I got rear-ended by another drunk driver. he was doing about 40mph, didn't even try to stop. while his car was completely totalled, my wonderful LE sustained only cosmetic damage (estimate came out to be about 1/4th what I thought it would). Seven months ago, same thing. Hit by a drunk driver (who took off and was later caught). His car = wreck, My car = golden! Everyone jokes that no one should ride with me again. I say, you should be so lucky to be in my car if you're going to get hit like this! Corollas Rule (and drunk drivers suck)!

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