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  1. 1990? That is going to be tough. Very few 20yr old corollas exist in japan. A bunch have been exported (used)... But not to North America. Why JDM?
  2. I'm with Bitter, I created new wire harness w/ relays on our 4Runner. Best $20 spent!
  3. Wouldn't it be easier & cheaper to just get a new car? Like the idea though!
  4. Twink, Its a popular upgrade on Tacomas. I think you should be able to find a used cruise control module someplace... good luck tdk
  5. Fish, Its been a while. How are things going? I was going to say KYB as well. But I didnt realize that gabriel and monroe were THAT bad. Had bad experince with gabriel, but sepparate issue... tdk
  6. Unfortunately, plastic bumpers (facias) are not cheap. You might be able to find something cheap (aftermarket) on ebay, but + shipping + paint can add up. Otherwise, start calling up boneyards. You might get lucky and find one in the same colour as your car. good luck tdk
  7. I am with Fish, unless you have time to kill, it will prob be easier/faster to get a new radio. You might be able to find a used OE radio on-line, but its prob a good time to upgrade. good luck tdk.
  8. Very nice! wow, 37mpg! i really should consider a smaller car... i am lucky at 21mpg on my truck.
  9. If its just the resonator, I dont thinks it worth the time/effort to put it back in. I removed it when switching over to a CAI (home made), on a friend's '01. tdk
  10. As far as I know, newer Toyota's don't have the feature. I have the same issue with my Tacoma, and I have searched several forums, but it seems like it cannt be changed. If you come by a method, please post it. thanks tdk
  11. No, its just a light. No need to disconect the battery. good luck tdk
  12. If you are looking to swap just one side, they are not the same. However, I believe someone on this forum swapped out the entire front end (fenders, hood, bumper, lights, etc) of a 7th Gen with 8th Gen parts... tdk
  13. Don't forget to check the rear shoes as well. tdk
  14. Those codes look familiar - i think i had some of those... Do a search, and you might find some good info. As for a more intelligent/helpful reply, i will defer to fishexpo good luck tdk
  15. how did it go? btw, you prob don't need to change bulbs. yes, the stock are "white", but most light bulbs are kinda yellowish. unless you local police are a stickler, i wouldnt worry. tdk.