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  1. Have a 2000 Corolla. Last night, driving home, heard a noise, then felt like the brakes were pressed all the time, was about a block from home. Some smoke from the front driver side. Checked this morning with the front jacked up, while in drive, the passenger front wheel spins, the driver side is not moving. Of course it's Sunday so can't get in touch with a mechanic until Monday morning. Is this a symptom of a blown trans?
  2. I had a clunk on the driver's side on my 00' and it turned out to be the stabilizer bar link. This part right here.
  3. I know this is from awhile back but since it is wonderfully detailed, I thought I'd ask here. Picked up a 2000 Corolla, the seat belt light is blinking. This conversion looks easy enough for me to tackle but I have a hang up. I don't see any unplugged dangling connectors under when I look up under. Just wondering if any others went through this mod, and can give me a pointer.
  4. Are you referring to the 61 yr old driver in the Prius? I don't know, there were also some quotes by him in a news conference but he never mentioned if his Prius which was recalled in Nov was ever taken in to a Toyota dealer to comply with the recall.
  5. My dad backed into it years ago with the motorhome and dented the license plate with the boat trailer hitch. The paint has just started peeling on the roofline and of course the front end has so many rock chips it almost looks like it was sprinkled with white paint. My suspension is still factory (and still functional) at 440k miles. The bushings are worn out and one of the strut hats is starting to crack but none of the struts have let out the magic oil yet, they still do their job just fine. That's amazing, on our 93', we've replaced the struts once already and looks like it will require another one soon, we have just under 100K miles on it.
  6. With these high mileage Corollas, do you guys change the suspension often?
  7. I have two year old TRZs on my Corolla. So far pretty satisfied with the tires in dry, wet, and snow but the car is light mileage driven. YMMV.
  8. Thanks fish, if I just replace the section of hose I need, I think it's easy enough for me to fix and I wouldn't need to bring to my mechanic but if I need more and even drop the tank, then I will have to give my mechanic a call because it will be more than I want to tackle.
  9. Discovered a gas leak when I fill coming from the fuel inlet pipe. I saw dripping from the end of the hose that connects the inlet pipe to the pipe of the gas tank. It's the smaller pipe of the pipes. Need help as to what to do. The end of the hose with the hose clamp is loose so there is a section of the hard pipe that is rusted out. The hose looks black and braided? I'm thinking I could hacksaw off a little pipe from each end of the hose and find a slightly longer hose and reconnect. Is this possible or do I have to replace the entire fuel inlet pipe?
  10. Don't know about your location but we are in IL and I have Yokohama Avid TRZs on our 93', the GY Tripletreds wasn't available in our car's size. We've had the TRZs for two years, so far they are holding up well. I also have GY Tripletreds but they are on our Honda CRV. Both replaced at the same time, not much to complain about either so far.
  11. On our 93', we also had no heat, the temp gauge never rose from the bottom, it was the thermostat and once I replaced that, we got our heat back as well as an additional 4-5 MPGs to put my car within it's respectable range. Hopefully your problem is as simple as ours but go through Fish's suggestions first, he already listed the temp gauge in his first question.
  12. Strange, my father's 00' or 01' does the same. No sound heard when pulling the hood release but at the end of the hood, I can lift it and disengage the latch. On my 93' though, easily heard and hood "pops" up. His car is more noticeably dirtier than mine.
  13. Thanks fish. If the car doesn't have major issues within the next couple years, I think I will change the belt for sure. I'd definitely choose to change than to sit in the middle of the highway in rush hour, miss an important meeting, or strand my wife or myself in the middle of the night.
  14. Oops, forgot to add that ours is automatic and LE, I believe it's the 1.8L engine, if it matters.
  15. Looking through some old records, our 1993 Corolla had it's timing belt changed back in 02'. Through now, we've put 45k miles through this 2nd belt, 50k miles through the first one. Is this a non-interference or interference engine? Do I have to worry about it breaking?

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