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  1. This is actually very good to know! My passenger side headlight burnt out after 11 years in my '98 Corolla. All I should need, then, is to pull the bulb out and fix it. And, after all this time, I should probably change out both of them, right? Well, that little adventure turned out to be a freaking nightmare. The little lamp harness wouldn't turn, so I got the Haynes manual which said you need to take the housing and unscrew it and pull it out a little, well then it wouldn't pull out. Eventually the neighbors came over to see what I was doing, and before I knew it there were screws and parts all over the place, but doggone it, after an hour and a half we got that bulb in there! I am now AFRAID to put the other one in there, and may adopt the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality!
  2. Well, that Toyota part is what the dealer said would cost so much, plus labor of course. It's whatever that control rod goes into on the opposite end of the door handle that he said was broken. My task, then, if I should decide to accept, is to figure out how to open up the door to look in there to see what's going on. I'd have to get my power window controls off some way. Guess I'd better find a Haynes and see if it's anything I want to tackle. Thanks for your advice!
  3. I'm sure. When I had to replace my door handle, I put a green string on it so that it wouldn't fall into the door. When I undid the handle, the rod is still down in the handle assembly along with my string.
  4. I have to bring down my electric window, reach out my hand to grab the handle to open my driver's side door. Dealer says it's not the door handle that's broken but the assembly where the lock is that's broken over where the other end of the rod is. Wanted $500 to fix because of needing to replace whole "assembly", I said no way. Is there an easier, cheaper solution (besides, of course, continuing to roll window down and grab handle from outside)? Looking for ideas... Thanks in advance
  5. This is actually very good to know! My passenger side headlight burnt out after 11 years in my '98 Corolla. All I should need, then, is to pull the bulb out and fix it. And, after all this time, I should probably change out both of them, right?
  6. I can sure relate to that! I have a '98, and I recently put close to $2K in fixing assorted leaks and overdue maintenance, but in my case, it was worth it. Every time I look at my car, I'm glad I still have it. That said, just a couple weeks ago I went to a Corolla dealer on a Sunday, found one on the lot that hadn't been locked, and got in it. Well, first of all, I was shocked at how much bigger this car has gotten - it's the size Camry USED to be. Sadly, the prices have risen as well. Where I got my CE with the power package for under $15K, there are Corollas on this lot over $20K. The one I was sitting in was just under $19K. Ridiculous pricing for a Corolla. Happily, I was pleased with the velour seating I was used to with my car in the new one, only it seems to be an even better grade. The Yaris sedan they gave me as a rental while mine was being worked on was the same size as my old-timer and had woven cloths seats, but they were quality cloth seats, not the bedsheet-thin Chevrolet kind. The Yaris was also a beautiful French blue I wish the Corollas came in. Oh, and call me spoiled, but the cup holders in the new model Corolla are in an intelligent spot - I got so frustrated with mine that I ended up ripping out the little shelf that pops out under the holes. It was too hard to get to the cigarette lighter to plug in my portable CD player. But don't even get me started on the Yaris' cup holders... I think that if I do trade the old girl on a new one, I'll wait and get it secondhand, or find a program car like mine was. By the way, good luck to you all on the Gulf Coast, praying for you all down there...
  7. Thanks, Anyone who has an interest is welcome to come over and learn and assist. If you are in the neighbourhood - stop by. I see a lot of Tercels in my area, but I am more interested in the Corollas. Not much rust in this part of the country. those even have airbags in 'em? LOL I think this is kind of cool, really - it's like a foster home for abused Corollas, you give them new purpose and a place in society! The kind of home my 8th gen needs to go to...
  8. Keep them out of the sun. Get a car cover and use it. Park your car in the shade or in a garage. Ideally, sure, but don't assume everyone who drives a Corolla owns or has access to a house. I've lived in an apartment for 20 years now. Shade is a luxury in the Southern Plains!
  9. So Matrix and Corolla's wheels are interchangeable? Possibly the Vibe's, too, then! Thanks, this is useful information!
  10. Change the tires to ones with a softer ride? I have Uniroyals on mine, and they're not THAT loud. Keep in mind, though, that this isn't a luxury car, and the fit and finish isn't going to be the same as one.
  11. Well, I think it's awful that Toyota quality has come down to this! Maybe I won't get that 9th gen car after all...Before this, I would have thought a three-year -old Corolla still had a lot of life left in it. People need to stop making excuses for stuff like this, too, saying, "oh, it could happen to any car." Well, it's NOT any car, it's a Toyota Corolla, and people like me buy them because they don't expect trouble out of them. And, I think that if the Japanese were still in charge of quality control, this wouldn't be happening! It makes me sick! Toyota had better get their act together before these American-built cars get a GM-car reputation! And I hope for the OP's sake that what happened to his mother's car was a fluke. A very, very expensive fluke. That's all I've got to say on that.
  12. I bought mine (Nebulas) at the local Toyota dealer and they cost me less installed than my rear spoiler installed. Here's the website that supplies the rims for the Toyotas made in this area of the country at least. Your local dealer should be able to order anything from them at a fraction of the cost of stock rims. Now, this is useful, thanks! Makes me think getting a 9th gen Corolla wouldn't be the end of the world!