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  1. What do you mean by the intake area. I changed the air filter. Someone told me to do one of those fuel injector cleaners that you put in the gas tank but I don't really trust those things.
  2. Not always - sometime it has to completely fail before the CEl will pop up - sometimes CEL will pop up where there isn't a problem. How can you check to see if the EGR is working properly or not? Or what are some of the common symptoms of it beggining to fail?
  3. The engine vibrates and then it causes the dash, steering wheel, quarters to vibrate as well. It is definetly coming from the engine bay. I am very good in changing the oil, air filters, gas filters, and keeping up with the maintenance of the vehicle. I am planning on changing the spark plug wires and rotor cap next. It does it more when it is cold and when it warms up it gets a little better but you can still feel it. When you drive it you can hardly feel it. I really thought it has a vacuum leak but I could be wrong. All of the hoses are in good shape and the car drives fine.
  4. I pretty much have the same problem. I change my spark plugs frequently. If the EGR valve was bad wouldn't the check engine light come on?
  5. My 96 Corolla vibrates. I have changed two of the motor mounts and it continues to do it. All of the mounts are in good condition but I am still changing them. I called my nearby Toyota dealership and they told me that it has to be the mounts. Any suggestions on what else it might be?