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  1. I got 420 miles on 11.2 gallons which is 37.5 mpg here in massachusetts 80% highway with speed from 65-75mph. I have 04 LE auto with 65000 miles.
  2. Hi jim Can you please run this Vin also. I am looking for toyota for a month and didnt find any..Now my carfax expired on 31st.. VIN: 4T1BG22K4VU168010 thanks a lot. Racket
  3. Hi It would be great if somebody post the audio installation guide on this forum..the one which crutchfield provides for installing the audio in corolla.
  4. Yours was replaced under warrantee?? I get the platinum warrantee and they said the belt was not covered! Well my car has almost 85,000 on it so I guess I can't complain. Was just wondering if $75 seemed reasonable. i got it done for 68$ all inclusive in massachusetts at the dealer..other one was asking $120..75$ is reasonable for a dealer considering bel costs 32$.
  5. I have seen Meguiar's Products in the target...If there is no auto store nearby...
  6.;category=50552 here is the other type..
  7. Thanks for the picture.. There are two types of mounting kits one like this one and other which has the little space below.. does anyone has a picture of that...I am thinking which one will look better...
  8. HI I wanted to know if Scion mp3 (04 -05 availabe in ebay) player will fit in 04 corolla..The scion player looks a little bigger than most single dins. I want to install a cd/mp3 player in corolla but with most single dins i dont like the ugly hole which is left on top.\thanks
  9. Here is an update more to follow I changed the cabin air filter myself....$20.00 saved $50 from dealer quoted price. The serpentine belt parts and labor best quote I got is $ 68.00..I am trying to put up a picture here of the belt in my car. Brakes i will look up over the weekend...
  10. Thanks a lot...I am going to give it a try.... For the brakes i will take a second opinion because i dont hear any squealing sound when I apply brakes but when i release them i do hear some noise ....i have a ABS in the car..
  11. Hi everyone I just had 45000 mile service for my corolla and my dealer gave me a list of things to do.. change front brakes and rotors $430.0 change serpentine belt: $126.00 change cabin filter $70 I don't know how much of this is essential. How can I check whether my serpentine belt is ok or not.. I can clean my cabin air filter (i replaced it at 30K).. thanks Rac
  12. I think you are safe this time as Fish said. In the manual for 9th gen corolla its written that when only 1/2 gallon fuel is left in the car, it will give a warning sound and then stop to prevent damage to the engine..
  13. How to you clean MAF sensor in Corolla. Is it possible for a novice to do that?
  14. With increasing gas prices.. somebody send this link to me... Is this true or one more selling gimmick!!