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  1. What's an Italian Tuneup? The car only consume oil recently about 3 months or so. Before that it barely consume any. If I remember correctly, since I started using the high mileage Mobile one Synthetic. Thanks.
  2. If 10W-40 is overkill, Dom, why did you recommended in your post #51? Lol. Would the Rotella T6 5W40 reduce the oil consumption? Do you think the ATF, being high in detergents, cause the leak in the power steering hose? Thanks.
  3. I am running Mobile one high mileage oil. That burns just as fast. I am thinking of 10W40 Maxlife blend since Walmart doesn't have full synthetic Maxlife 10W40. How's the brand Rotella T6 full synthetic brand at Walmart? It's just a few dollars more than the Maxlife blend. As for ATF, what's in it that would work to clean the motor? Some on suggest in the link below. Thanks.
  4. So how to use this stuff? Do I add it to the engine, run it a little bit then drain and replace oil or just replace one quart of the oil change? How well does it work in the gas tank? Thanks.
  5. Hello Fish, What's MMO stands for? What would you do in you were in my shoes? Thanks.
  6. Hey Dom, So with the two fixes, 0.8 quart per week isn't that much less than a quart. So the oil loss isn't much from the leak but rather from the oil burning? Should I run thicker oil to slow it down? How about those oil additives would they help? Thanks.
  7. Front of timing cover leak. The photos above, might have leaks also on the timing cover but the rear.
  8. I think I found the leak. Currently, I have to top of the car about one quart per week. There's no leak on the floor I know there's a leak by chain tensioner and the timing cover. I have photos below and the photos of the spark plugs. The mechanic keep saying that the car burning oil and the plugs have at least 2000 miles on them. I don't think, base on the way the plugs look, it's not burning oil. I will let you guys look at the photos and give me some ideas. I also notice the power steering high pressure hose is leaking also. Any DIY and is it hard to replace the hose? Thanks.
  9. Hello everyone, My 1999 Corolla VE is now burning oil like mad. I did the last oil change with the Mobile One Full synthetic high mileage oil. Then I notice it starts burning a quart a week. I am suspecting leaks but nothing on the floor. So my mechanic seems to think it's the engine that's burning it fast. As I ran out of the Mobile One, I used Penzoil platinum full synthetic. Now I top it off with regular dyno 5W30 Peak brand from Pep Boys which I bought a while ago. As I was topping it off this morning, toward the bottom of the newly opened bottle two days ago, a good size clear gel blob went into the fill hole. I tried to remove as much as I could. I have never seen fresh oil out of a bottle with that clear gel look before. Any one knows what it could be? Also, the oil changed since only about 3000 miles or less, but the color of the oil is closer to black than brown like I usually see it. Could it be b/c of the synthetic high mileage oil cleaning out the engine good to turn the color closer to black or something else bad might be developing? I am going to change the oil out in the next two weeks or so to Mobile one high mileage 10W40 non synthetic. I am trying to prolong the life of the car as much as possible while I am looking for a decent used replacement car. Thanks.
  10. I am debating whether this car is still worth keeping. Maybe any other used car is better.
  11. I live in Orange County California. The Delphi IAT is a lost cause. Plus the code was fixed. It's was the injectors. I was using the oil that you listed and from Walmart too, where it's cheapest. Then the last oil change I switched over to Mobile One Full Synthetic high Mileage oil b/c of the rebate sale. Do you think that would cause the leak worse or consume worse? But I bought the 5 Qt Jug. Now I used the Penzoil Platinum b/c of the rebate sale. Should I switch back to the dyno one you recommended? Thanks.
  12. Took the car back in and didn't pass. Took the car and had the CAT replaced for $180 after marker. Took it back, pass instantly. So the car is ok for now. I am thinking about getting my wife another car as the car now consume oil too fast. It used to be one quart every oil change now it's one quart every week or two. Too much. If I use the higher viscosity grade would it slow it down? If so by how much? Thanks.
  13. Dom there's was no vaccuum leak until I tried to install the new injectors and then twisted the o-rings b/c of the lack of lube.