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  1. Thanks for the quick response Fish! Is there anyway that the ECU can be damaged by changing the cabin filter myself? I did change the filter not too long ago and removed the glove box to do so I'm feeling a bid paranoid!!
  2. My ECU just died... 2005 Corrola CE manual tranny 64000 kms, 3 1/2 years old. So no longer guranteed. Fortunatelly.... it died at the dearler, it was in for regular maintenance. I get one voicemail that my car is ready and 5 minutes later a call saying it won't start and the engine computer died. Dealer will change, no questions asked, got a loaner and they asked, "Do you mind if we lend you a 1999, it's an older car" Where is the ECU located? When I went to pick-up the loaner, I noticed the glovebox off.
  3. Cost and availability is most likely the reasonning. Cars are small here. the only 5 lugs are larger more luxrious cars ans SUVs I just thought I'd note that oddity, because from the outside they differences are only very very minor. I don't know about the insides, but I am sure they have one that is either diesel, can run on alcool and gas, or easily retrofited to LNG Sorry, Larry, a diesel or alcool Corolla won't fit in my suitcase
  4. I'm in Sao Paulo on a short business trip and Brazil is small car heaven, where the 9th Gen Corolla is popular and considered a medium/big car. The differences are mostly small, coloured door handles, black bumper strip on the rear bumper, and other small cosmetic changes. One difference I noticed, I think is actually big: The wheels are a 4-lug and not a 5-lug. Doesn't that afect more than the wheels, parts like brakes. So Toyota would have to make brakes for the 4-lug and the 5-lug. Would this affect other mechanical parts? What about the Corollas in the rest of the world?
  5. The side mouldings are now car colour instead of black (2003 canadian model)
  6. Not to insult any performance enthusiasts, but I think most people who buy the Corolla, including the XRS don't know and don't make use of the performance package. They like the looks: upgraded seats, leather shift knob, big rims... and the salesman tels them they have this much more HP and better this and that. The drive them just like a regular Corolla / Matrix, i.e below 4000 rpm. I'll ask my neighbor why he bought a Matrix XRS instead of a regular one. Bike, I know people who put 1.8L in their Festivas!
  7. The car Companies have access to the DMV files for recalls, at least for safety recalls, not sure about ''Courtersy'' recalls...
  8. I know that the LE has more than one speed intermittent wiper speeds... You cars came with wipers?? My car came with wipers as part of some low end option package. Was there an upgrade package with quiet wipers? mine make a horrible screeching sound and the wiper motor is noisy too. So that would be an improvement... The Corolla needs either a trunk release on the keyless entry or a trunk you can leave unlocked, just like the Echo or just about every hatchback made. I prefer the later option due to a preference of mechanical over electric/electronic More intermittent wiper speeds would be great to set at super slow, I avoid using mine unless absolutely necessary because of the noise. A rear wiper would be great, but these are a challenge to add on a sedan, that's why you only see em on hatchbacks, and mini vans and I think one high end ?Acura? sedan Those trunk hinges may keep your trunk from falling on your head, but they need to be redesigned, they take away a lot of usefulness out of the trunk. So that's my wish list for the 2017 Corolla
  9. From my experience and my co-worker's, German (WVW) built Golf/Jetta was/is not more reliable than the Mexican built (3VW), all had equal share of problems Instead of getting heated seats, just get a down filled coat that is long enough to cover your behind when seated.
  10. Didn't want to start an off-topic thing with the bio-diesel. I'm reading Richard Heinberg's The Party's Over and don`t remember the value but it apparently includes the whole picture (from oil and gas unsed to make fertilizer, the gas used in farm equipment, transporting the corn to conversion facilities, etc...) I can look into it further if anyone is interested I'll agree with fish on the build quality of the body. I could stand-up on my door handles (I actually did once to access my car keys through the sunroof) Woudn't attempt something like that with a Toyota. I was amazed with my brother got his golf, at the doors, closing and opening them, precisely and noiselessly, same with the hood, no clunks to be heard! My Jetta was built in Germany, not Mexico, and it still had reliability issues at first. Like if it had a 2 year breaking-in period where a bunch of things that weren't right need to get fixed. If I'd get a diesel it would be a Smart or a fulls size pick-up
  11. Larry, On the diesel issue, I don't fully agree with your thinking. The way of the future will be a good sturdy bycicle. Diesel still comes from the same oil barrel. So does bio-diesel in a sence, since the energy used to grow the fuel, harvest it and convert it comes for the same oil barrel. Right now it takes 1. 5 to 2 gallons of fuel to produce 1 gallon of bio-diesel (This doesn't apply is you own a french fry stand and have unlimited supply of waste you can use for fuel). Hybrids (either gas hybrids or diesel hybrids)will be used in the transition from cars to bicycles or public transport, so get a Smart For2! My experience on VW is 'old' I bought a 1991 gasoline Jetta brand new (Mk2). To date, it is the car that loved to drive the most. But I was at the dealer throught out the warranty period. The schedule maintenances, and the wear parts not under warranty cost me an arm and a leg. During the warranty period, I was probably at the garage once a month for a variety of glitches, some under warranty, some not. I was almost in tears at first, since I was back at the dealer every other week for the first few months. After the warranty period expired, the car suddenly got reliable, I switched to an independant garage who did exclusively VWs and used OEM parts. The parts beign more expensive is a myth. A colleage of mine of who swears by diesels has had an 88 Jetta and 92 Golf (both Mk2) and he also experience the reliablilty improving the day the warranty expired. The 92 he still has, must be over 300K. Not being able to find a reliable, used and cheap VW diesel, his other car is an Echo. The older Mk2 VWs were economy cars, the new Mk4 and Mk5 are like small luxury cars His daughter had an Mk3 or 1st year of the Mk4 and it is a reliability nightmare, the rear disk brakes cost $$$ to fix and were prone to the turbo gunking. The turbo issue was fixed the following year but they never recalled the older ones. She was left high and dry with major repairs afeter warranty expiration. She is selling it for a Matrix XRS. I do not know anyone with the newer Mk5 (MkV), they do look very nice. The 2007 Golfs are availble here in Canada, so an MkV is what you would be getting if buying new. Unless you do a lot of sitting in traffic, I don't think you will save much on fuel. When I bought my 91 Jetta, it was probably about the same price as a Tercel. A 2007 Jetta is probaly more expensive than a Camry. I would wait until VW decide to import the Lupo or Polo! Lastly, nothing drives like a VW and those who own them are willing to sacrifice reliabilty for the increased driveability. My colleages 14 year old Golf with 13'' tires will outcorner my Corolla any day, however with the older diesels speed is not an option (I think they had about 50 HP)
  12. I agree with NILLINOIS, the FWD Corrolla is a catch all forum and it is difficult to know what's up for non-regular visitors, and that is where the large majority of posting is. The RWD Forum should be deleted. The Performance forum should be strictly for performance or other mechanical upgrades, any upgrade that isn`t cosmetic (i.e. brakes, wheels & tires, engine, draivetrain, air intake, after market parts...). I think the Performance should be for upgrades and not about maintaing performance. Maintaining performance is pretty much synonymous with good maintenance practice Any cosmetic upgrade should be in the Apperance section I wold split the FWD/AWD Corrola as follows: Repair & Maintenance General (with regards to Corollas) General (non Corolla related, a place to discuss politics, life, and whatever else to make us know each other more) My 2 cents
  13. Intersting, my neighbor has two 9th gen Corolla, both bought at the local dealer. The older one, which I am guessing is a 2003 has the black side mouldings. The 2005 has the colour side mouldings. Both are CE models, I'll need to take a closer look at the trim of each My car is Impulse Red, and personnaly I like the black mirrors and door handles and wouldn't mind black side mouldings. On a side note, my neighbor's '05 is identical to mine, basic Impulse Red CE and he got it within a month that I got mine.
  14. I have a toddler seat and a booster (with sides and back) and there is not a lot of room in the middle.... Still I'm sure I culd fit two backless boosters and a toddler seat. Have you tried putting the toddler seat at one end? But then you have to deal with two 7 year olds one besides the other
  15. Mine squeaks too! and it sounds like from the pedal. Rain or shine, it squeaks, didn't squeak through the cold months though...