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  1. Back with a 2013 Corolla. Had a 1985, 1986, 1999, 2001, and then 1994 and then a 2001 and then moved to SUVs. Now back here with a 2013 Corolla black auto 59k miles (L). ........ FOR MY SON this time... My dad's first car was a 1969 Corolla and he kept on owning many different ones in the 1980s. My first car was a 1985 Corolla in college. Can't live without Corollas. LOL This car will stay under my umbrella for all sorts of TLC!! Anything I need to know? I will be posting pics and questions later on as I dig more into this car.
  2. Can I use a 2008 Corolla engine? Will it fit perfectly in a 2001 ?
  3. No leaking of oil at all. All dry. This is a drive to work and back (20 miles round trip) car. The only reason I bought it for a 1000 dollars is to keep my FJ Cruiser in the garage saved from sun and rain and dumb drivers on the freeway. I don't want to spend anything on it but let it take me to and from work. That is all I need with temporary solutions to keep it going. If it lasts me one year and saves 10,000 miles on the FJ, I am happy. I will then sell it for parts.
  4. 2001 Corolla with 206k miles - 5 speed stick shift That is right. I filled my tires to 40PSI !!! City - 38mpg Freeway - 43mpg What do you guys think? Now here is a problem...... I burn FOUR QUARTS of OIL per GAS TANK on the freeway.. 430 MILES of driving. Four quarts means 12 dollars added to a full tank of gas I am filling in. (let's say $3.00/QUART) At 3.5 dollars per gallon, I pay $35.00 per gallon. $12.00 for oil so it is costing me $47.00 dollars per gas tank. Working backwards.... to get real time fuel economy.. $47 dollars at every gas fill is LIKE using 13.43 gallons of fuel for every 430 miles. ($47 divided by the price of $3.5/gallon) = 13.43 gallons FUEL ECONOMY == 430 miles / 13.43 = 32MPG ----- LOL !!!!! It is a 1000 dollar car, I can't spend 4000 on an engine replacement... what do you guys think ? I think it is ok for me to continue driving just the way it is with a 32mpg. Have you ever heard of a car burning that much oil? I have not !!
  5. Curious......... how much should a Corolla engine rebuild cost? Would that fix the burning issue??
  6. Thanks man. That was good information. I will just keep filling oil for the next 200k miles. Oil changes every 5000 miles or so (basically the filter.. LOL !! ) This kinda explains the burning smell too sometimes. There is no engine leak so I could not figure it out.
  7. Hi, I have been a member here since 2005. My last post here was in 2005 also. I had a 2001 Corolla then with 20k or so miles. Almost new. I had to sell it because of some family issues. Once I recovered. I bought other Toyotas but not Corolla for some reason. Before that I had many Corollas (84, 85, 86, 99) Well... I am back.. have a 2001 again. LE. With 202k miles. 5 speed STICK with sunroof and everything. It drives perfect except that it BURNS one quart of oil at every GAS fill up. I bought it for $1000.00. It is for work so I can save on gas. I didn't want to drive my FJ Cruiser 50 miles everyday. Could it be the PCV valve? Can I use 20W50 oil OR the high mileage oil ? Can I continue driving like this by adding oil? Will it not clog my exhaust pipe? My exhaust has so much grease in it, that it is not even funny. All that oil burned out. I can keep on filling oil and keep on driving it. It means that 35 dollars to fill tank and 3 dollars for a quart of oil so about 38 dollars to fill up tank for next however many years so I can keep saving on gas as compared to my FJ. I love Corollas. This one is perfect and I will baby it but I want to make sure I am on the right path taking care of its maintenance and issues with this many miles. PICTURES are here posted on the FJ thread. Not sure how to put pictures here.
  8. Engine and trans has to set.. so drive at different speeds.. Don't stay on one speed or gear... and ofcoruse.. don't drive VERY FAST or too HARSH.... Congratulations on your new car !! Very happy for you!
  9. Undercarriage

    MY OPINION BELOW........... MANY rust proofing PROS DISAGREE... The rust protection is the worst thing you can do to your car. It coats all metal that should be getting air and should be dry.. If there is an IMPERFECTION or some moisture leaks in, you will never know until it is too late. It never gets the chance to dry up. U won't be able to fix it either because u won't be able to AIR it or work on the metal itself.... My 2001 RAV4 has spent 4 winters in Detroit and all I do is keep the undercarriage sprayed regularly.. when weather permits, I get under the car and examine every square inch and immdiately treat any brown spots IF ANY... Usually it is perfectly clean... You just have to religiously keep your car clean. I have seen cars which got coated in late 1980s and early 1990s... many are eaten from the inside and outside you could not tell because it was covered.. My 1988 Honda Accord is one example..Coated in 88 but it still got rusted out... BAD.... BAD ......... BAD idea... Many times they even spray into drain openers from inside the car or inside the trunk, or inside the door seems traping water coming from inside... If you want to spend money go ahead,, my 20 years of research on this will never ALLOW myself to ever get my car coated from places like ZIEBART TIDY CAR etc..etc... Come see my same cars 10 years later and the underbody will be as nice as the day it rolled of the assembly line....... I bought them a little used and my first purchasing condition was that the car should be without any kind of coating.. I want to see the metal and I want to be able to take care of it myself if I have to. AGAIN, MY OPINION
  10. Oil Grade

    I used 10w40 on an old beat up 1985 Corolla I bought because it was emptying the crank case but I didn't feel any difference as far as the START UP or CONSUMPTION of oil. I bouight the car only because the friend was going to send it to junk yard,.. I poured money in it and sold it so it could live longer..... ! I had a friend who put 20W50 in my 1986 Corolla.. I was young then and I let him, thing was like grease, the car had no problem for one day that I drove it but then I decided to change oil again and go back to 10W30... I have always wondered what would have happened if I had kept 20W50 in it. I think 10W30 is the BEST viscosity for up a 10 year old car atleast.
  11. Oil Grade

    Not the way I DRAIN my babies...(2 hours).... (Don't ask...) TOMORROW is a 3 day weekend and guess what...... IT IS OIL changing time on my VEHicles!!! So excited...
  12. OK........... I was told it had to do with the fumes inside the gas tank... Some of my cars sometimes did it and then that problem went away.. I have noticed that if I empty my gas tank completely and then fill the tank then it does thsi SOME TIMES but if I still have quarter tank gas left, it won't... My Honda Accord 1988 did the same thing. I did not know what it was a "problem" until now.
  13. May be this kind of thread belongs on some kind of a NATIONAL/PATRIOTIC WAR BOARD.............. What is the purpose of this thread? Put one kind of people down? PUT AMERICANS or somebody else down? Why don't we go to CNN or BBC and ask them this question? Last time I checked this board was to discuss Corollas problems/facts/opinions, not for a political debate BETWEEN TWO CONTINENTS. FACT is, TOYOTA/LEXUS is the best consumer product out there and it is also a global economy, if somebody wants to live in the past, then it is their problem..... I can go on for hours on this but it would be of no use................ WHEELS OF THE BUS GO AROUND AND AROUND.