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  1. I still have parts from some of my old cars in my yard, garage, house that I would like to sell/give away. They are for the 7th generation Toyota Corolla (1993-1997). Let me know what you may need. I have an engine, two transmissions, bumpers and Associated bumper parts, all the lights, some fenders, main engine wiring harnesses, door handles, seatbelts, etc.
  2. It looks like it could be a rubber stopper that keeps the hood from slamming down too far. You probably had two near the front at one time and this one fell off. It doesn't cause any serious problems if it is not there, maybe a hood rattle. Just my guess.
  3. I bought the car and have been driving it for a few years. It is a great car!
  4. The door does not stay closed and I would like to learn how to replace it without taking apart the entire dash. It is the box you pull on and is hinged to open. It is probably for coins or small items. Mine used to close and stay closed but now it won't stay closed. I could just tape it shut but I think that would be tacky. I checked u-tube and found plenty on center dash and radio but found nothing on the other parts of the dash.
  5. Why use another gas tank? Can you not repair the one the car has?
  6. I have a 2012 Toyota Corolla that came to me without a moonroof or sunroof. I am thinking of installing one myself. Anyone ever put one in? Any advice?
  7. I have one now. Only complaints are that it is automatic and I would have liked a standard. Also has no moonroof/sunroof and I like those. One malfunction I am currently having is that the TPMS light comes on flashes then stays on. The steering is a little twitchy and the brakes do grab at times.
  8. I checked the spare tire and it does not have a TPMS valve. It must be one of the sensors in one of the tires. Do I have to take it somewhere to get them checked?
  9. I keep my cars for longer than most and I have had them for 12 years. I do most of the repairs myself.
  10. Maybe I should check the spare tire pressure?
  11. 1. Am I correct that the light is only supposed to come on if the tire pressure is low? I put 50 PSI in all the tires and the light is still on. 2. I pressed and held the reset switch but the light NEVER went out. 3. I let go of the switch. The light stayed on. 4. The light always flashes at first, then stays on. It never goes away. 5. It never reset. 6. I probably have an issue with a speed sensor, TPMS, ECU or ABS or cluster?
  12. TPMS - it flashes when I turn the car on then goes solid. It's on all the time when I drive. I tried pushing the underdash button (2012 Toyota Corolla S). Is it possible one or more of the sending units (on the tire valves) is/are bad? Where is the receiver located? How can I check the system? I have checked and changed all tire pressures. The tires indicate good for 51 PSI but the door decal recommends only 32 PSI for the tires. Which one should I use? Why won't this light go out!!