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  1. It looks pretty good. The 2018s look good too. I might go for the old one and a discount.
  2. Don't worry You have saved us a bunch of money - we won't make the same mistake
  3. Thanks, I also found some pics (thanks to fish) here Does not look too bad, may be a few busted knuckles and bumps on the head....
  4. Hi everybody. I was wondering if anyone has a e-version of the repair manual. I need to change contacts on the starter and so far it looks to me that I need to take a half of the engine compartment . I did the same on my Sienna and it was a 30 min job. Any help appriciated. Thanks Vlady
  5. I hope they put the steering wheel into "dead center" possition and secure it before they start the alignment
  6. Belt tensioner became a problem since 1998 model. Some folks went through 2nd tensioner. Toyota must drop the price on the tensioner What ever noise you have under the hood - 90% chance iti is tensioner related.
  7. Larry $470?? No way Last time I serviced the cooling system - I paid $80(including labor) Tensioner assembley -$150-170 (Are they going to charge you for the tensioner?) Serpantine belt $20-30 $200 for ~1 hour of labor??? Poor doctors...... Anyway, I'm at the same rate of putting miles on my car (10 years -120K ). There were some minor problems (tie-rod, tensioner), but mostly was regular maintenace expenses. Keep the car
  8. Fat tube on the right side of oil cap, towards the firewall side of the engine
  9. As far as I remember my old box -1986 Corolla had alternator with build-in voltage regulator. Does the brake warning light come on on the dash, or engine starts revving?
  10. I received the same post-card, the only thing is my cars are out of any warranty for many years. this is just the scum- sale - advertising, etc.
  11. Your car is fine, normal cold engine noise, circa 1998. Whinning noise generated by air intake pipes. Read somewhere that those pipes where sound tuned Bad steering pump will create the same noise on warm engine as well.
  12. Will put a few cents on this I have been living with this noice (to me sounds like valve train knocking) for past 6 years out of 10 years of ownership. it is not gas, not the belt tensioner, although it does contribute to the noise, You may go and get a valve clearence checkup , but I'm pretty sure it would be in the range. The other sorce of noice is the chain and chain guides. I decided not to bother with it - car still runs great, gas millage is above 30 mpg This engine is noisy.
  13. valve steams seals let the oil to drip into the cilinder. $$$ to fix. Won't affect the driveability.
  14. the part is cheap, but you will need an aligment. There is some deals on the internet, like Bob Bridge toyota, Renton, wa
  15. Safe yourself a time and replace the tie-rod(inner) ends. There should be TSB on this issue(affected models 98-99).