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  1. I've seen several friends with 1ZZs take the intake back off and sell it because of low end lag.
  2. The gatorback belts are a popular fix.
  3. I think there is a TSB on this. You might call your dealer. Sry I don't know more.
  4. Ouch. Sry to hear about the car. Twenty-five feet? I admire the determination. With mods, the peoplle that make the plunge first are usually the biggest advocates. I hear the Hydra is about ready with V.2.6, which may or may not include hardware upgrades. It doesn't work with the stock temp gauge, so alternate gauge is needed. As for the Corolla, it is a bit lighter than the Matrix. I've noticed new info about engine braces coming out, which could be a good addition. Sixty-eight hundred RPM lift is very high though. I notice the ECU will allow you to drift lower and stay in lift after you have the secondary cam engaged. If I was starting out with a tune I might look at 6100 RPMs as a point, but what do I know. So far the light wheels and flywheel have enhanced the drive experience most.
  5. Well a 3/4 heater hoze works. I took out the filter box and added a K&N crank case filter to the pump—located it up by the battery where it should stay relatively dry. I took out the "snorkel" and replaced it with the CAI tube from the 1ZZ SC install kit. No CEL so far. So Mr. Fish, your lift engagement point is 6200 RPM? Sounds like you've got the prime year Matrix.
  6. I've got a small project and I'm wanting to get some info so I can get the parts together. Does anyone know the size of the hose inlet on the smog pump? This is the hose that goes from the filter box to the pump. I'm 2ZZ, 2005.
  7. So the TRD USA web catalog is up and it has some new items. I won't list them but either they have some interesting new bits or they are really goofed on their copy.
  8. Actually for the 9th gen these are "in delvelpment" and have been for a while.
  9. It is an easy job. Break the lugs away so they are easy to remove. Raise the car. Use jackpoint under front end and place jack stands. Block tires. Remove wheels. Remove calipers—two longish bolts at the back of calipers. Make a hanger for the calipers out of wire hanger so they don't hang on the brake lines. Remove old pads. They may fall out. Save the shims and note how it all goes back together. Compress, one caliper at a time, with a large C-clamp. Don't damage rubber boot as you do this. Examine rotors for score marks. Take to auto supply that will turn them/the OEM rotors are pretty robust and will take a couple of turns. Measure the thickness against spec if you are curious. Place new pads, return caliper to position, tighten bolts. Mount wheel. Do the other side. Need metric sockets, C-clamp, and a torque wrench for the lugs calipers if you want. Good luck. Take it for an easy test drive and listen for noise or pulling before you take it to higher speeds.
  10. Look here ^
  11. TEIN S-tech: (front)2.32" (rear)2.4" TEIN H-tech: (f)1.73" ®1.81" TEIN SS adjustables: (f)1.14" - 3.03" ®1.54" - 3.8" Sprint: (f&r)1.75" Progress: (front)1.8" (rear)1.7" (settles at about 2.2") Hotchkis: (front)1.75" (rear)1.5" TRD: (front)1.25" (rear)1.25" Eibach Pro :(front)1.1" (rear)1.1" Eibach Sportlines: (front)2.1" (rear)1.75" H&R sports: (front)1.25" (rear)1.25" H&R race: (front)2.0" (rear)2.0"
  12. You can remove a wheel and inspect the pads. However, sometimes an inside pad can wear more and fool you. Best way is to remove a caliper and pads and measure. Also feel the rotor or drum and see if you have any heavy texture. At those miles, I'd think about a new set just because pads, even with wear left, can get hard and not stop the car as well as they should.
  13. Though I largely agree, and have a stock airbox myself, the exception is a high-compression high-rev. engine like the 2ZZ. It really does pick up 16hp consistently from the injen CAI. Plus, if you were ambition and used the APEXi dry filter with it you would actually improve the filtering over a drop-in high flow (but not a stock filter).
  14. My deal with tires: 1.) Improve the brake performance/stopping power 2.) Accident avoidance/predictable under quick action 3.) Predictable and not noisy/love the music and like to explore the limits of the vehicle I've got a nice little life and a good relationship. Having good tires and brakes makes me feel it is more likely my sweetness will make it home to see me one more time.

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