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  1. Same here with a 1998 Corolla VE w/ automatic transmission. It doesn't do it anymore and I don't know why, but 2-3-4 years ago, have done it during at least 2 years. During this period, the sound came from the left part of the engine bay (my left while i'm in the driver seat), close to the driver's side door. Never know why this sound is for. 240,000km on it now, still rolling great!
  2. oh, when I put the mouse pointer over the word "Salvage" on the page, it says this: " [...] The following ten States also use Salvage titles to identify stolen vehicules - AZ FL GA IL MD MN NJ NM NY OK OR" I'm not living in any of those states, so it's maybe why they doesn't have any trace of the steal.
  3. here ya go jim Wow, nothing about my car being stolen in march 2002. My Corolla was found 2 weeks later, but I thought it should be something to be on a report like Carfax... Thanks again, Jim.
  4. Hi Jim, I wonder if Carfax list my old '98 Corolla to be reported "stolen" somewhere in march 2002... Can you make that check too? 2T1BR12E0WC714853 I'm also livingin Canada... maybe they list cars in the US only... Thanks in advance!!!
  5. Last year, I've done what jzack said in his post on my '98 Corolla. Okay, the warning doesn't flash anymore, but if you do not put your seatbelt on, the warning won't blink either too. But... since I put my seatbelt on everytime I drive, I doesn't bother me at all.
  6. Same issue here a couple years ago (Corolla VE '98). It was impossible for me to see how to lube that motor. Changed after ~6 months of intermittent noise. Yep, behind the glove box, at your right. Picked one from a junkyard: about 50$CAN. Works fine (to date).
  7. Hearing Water

    It sounded like water to me too when I had this problem few years ago (the donut).... worse during humid a weather, and when rolling on humid/slutchy road... He said after few minutes, the sound disappear... it was the same for me... few minutes enough to clear the humidity there?? I don't know... after reading again the original post: since Nathan said it was there almost everytime he'd start his car (probably even when it's sunny outside), maybe this is not the good reason....
  8. Hearing Water

    Please peek at this thread: Maybe it can help... maybe not...
  9. Look at this topic, maybe it can help:
  10. Yep, sure they are. They are on my 1998 VE, a Corolla from Canada too. Just look in the top of the trunk where the speakers should be placed and you'll find them. They have a terminal plug at the end. Maybe they're hidden under the metal plate around the speaker.
  11. This is make sense to me too. Is it possible to you to put 4 other wheels with tires on them to see if it makes a difference? (winter tires with rims from a friend, ....) Or maybe putting your 2 front wheels in rear and the 2 rear wheels in front just to see if the vibration is different?
  12. Shifter issue

    Bringing it back on top because I have the same problem on my 98 Corolla. Is it possible to lube that shifter?
  13. Salut Eric, I'm not a mecanical expert, but I want to know something: The alignment they make, they done it on the front wheels only or on the four wheels?
  14. Copied it on my hard drive with a "website copier" and burned it on a CD. It give 74.3 Mb, pics included. Just can't have the left window appear correctly (index and search capacities), but i'll take it like that. This is the Chilton's, because a lots of images files are stocked in a "chilton"-called directory. However, it's for the 1988-97, instead of 1998-97 quoted in the thread title. (I have a 1998) Thanks fish!