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  1. Is there a way to trouble shoot it through the brake master cylinder, before changing the caliper all together.
  2. My mother in law has a 1990 camry, I think it is anyway. Her car drives fine for ten minutes, then it gets this strange shaky rubbing sound on the front right passenger side. I pulled the wheel and the brakes. The brakes are wearing unevenly from one end of the pad to the other. Also I pulled the driver side brakes and saw they were fine. The passenger side brakes are also very thin. The rotor looked fine and the wheel bearings and suspension tested fine. I noticed the dust cover was rubbing a little so I gave it more clearence. I don't know what else to do and I want to know why these brakes are wearing so unevenly from side to side and wheel to wheel.
  3. I have a 94 corolla. I want to buy 16x7" wheels , but I don't know how to size the lugs. I couldn't find this information anywhere. I am doing this to help my traction issues that I have been having recenlty. I also wanted to know if aftermarket suspension would help.
  4. I would look for an aftermarket slave cylinder and replace it. I had this problem in a different car and it turned out that the shifter is working faster that the slave can componsate. This deffinetly changed how it felt.
  5. How much does my car weigh and what is ae101 or ae86? This confuses me. Which is mine?
  6. I have a 1994 toyota corolla 4afe and i saw where to get a 4age for about $750. I htink they called it a silver top. It comes with a wiring harness and an ecu. I work on cars as far as fixing them and some minor performance stuff, but i have never swaped an engine before. I have a friend who has a shop we could use, i just want to know if it a very difficult process. And is it worth the time and money. I also don't know how much faster is this engine.
  7. I know this is a wierd question to ask here, but what is the definition of a supercar. Is it all wheel drive, mid engine, and carbon fiber. Or is it price or something else?
  8. I have the same problem on my 94. I changed the belt and did nothing. I i have heard of the same thing on celicas that are our years. I think it is a bad power steering pump or something from toyota. i don't know how to diagnos it , but if someone does, please let me know.
  9. i have done this , and putting a wire to your negative ignition coil will cause ingition problems. what you need to do is put the power wire to a empty place in the kick panel fuse box. advanced auto parts sells a part to make this easy. i forget what it is called , but it will basically splice that wire to an empty fuze space. then take your ground wire , and just ground it to something. then take the wire that reads the rpms, and put it throught the firewall. attacht it to the diagnostic port that reads rpms. it is in a haines manuel for the car.
  10. I was thinking about maybe a turbo. I think this would be my best bet. I am open to sudgestions.
  11. I have a 1994 corolla 4a-fe. I wanted to know what the weight was and if modifying would be worth it.
  12. What are the specs of the 4age? I am a big fan of torque. That is why I wanted to know about the 5sfe. What is big difference between the 4afe and the 4age.
  13. What would be involved in dropping a 5sfe into a 1994 corolla with a 4afe. i know this engine is the same year celica and the st celica has the 4afe. so i didn't know if the 5sfe would just drop right in the corolla.
  14. Air

    I have a 1994 corolla 4a-fe. I am having problems with the air conditioner not being as cool as I remember it. I don't know if it is because I changed my thermostat a while ago. I charged my refrigerant. It didn't need too much. It was just a little low. I need to know of a way to trouble shoot this. I am mechanically inclined and do my own repairs, but I don't know too much about this.