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  1. Check the bottom of the bucle for debris buildup. May not allow the tang to go far enough to latch. Compressed air usually will blow the buckle out.
  2. This model has a revised dipstick that adds about .4 qt to the oil capacity. If you use the 90915-yzzf1 filter (the taller one) it works out right at 4 1/2 quarts oil capacity at full mark which is 10 mm higher up the stick than the present mark. The tsb is: T-SB-0134-08 dated July 15, 2008.
  3. My 2011 Corolla instruments react the same as yours. Also have the Continental tires on it. The tires seem to handle best at 33psi inflation. One of the conditions I outlined with the dealer when searching was NO Goodyear tires.
  4. I think I would have to go to Toyota Customer Satisfaction with this. As you have stated this was a defective part (the self centering bolts) that would not permit an adjustment to be made. Therefore it can not be adjusted until the improperly used parts are replaced. That could cause a potentially dangerous situation. What if your trunk did not have a working solenoid and you had a roadside flat and could not open the trunk? I am curious as to where your Corolla was assembled. My 2011 Corolla is a Canadian model and the assembly seems much more accurate than my 2003 NUMMI Corolla.
  5. Call Toyota national customer care. I have never seen this condition in a properly functioning brake system and would be quite reluctant to keep driving this car with the pedal going to the floor.
  6. Wife's 94 Corolla has had both front PW units to fail. I used oem Toyota both times. Recently, one of the replaced regulators failed. I replaced it with a motor/regulator from Advanced Auto parts. Much more reasonable price and was built more substantially in that the cables weren't dead ended on plastic clips in window mount but went straight through. If you DIY, be sure to peel the water membrane carefully and reglue it to the door frame.
  7. I have had one 2003 wheel cover break so many lugs it would pull off with one hand. Sounds as if Toyota has let some of the Big Three influence it and are headed in the wrong direction. Hope it does not spread further.
  8. Hi Bob- can you please give me the info on the tensioner TSB as mine is leaking oil from the rubber boot with only 22500 mi. on the car! My powertrain warranty, which is about to expire, "does not cover this part" per the local Toyota dealer. THANKS!
  9. I have never had it aligned. Now that you've mentioned alignments I was thinking about a strange thing that happens from time to time. My steering wheel is not completely aligned straight. Sometimes when I step on the brakes the car drifts suddenly to one side and the steering wheel turns in that same direction. You may possibly have a front brake caliper binding on the side away from the pull. The noise may be part of this problem. The alignment really needs to be checked for the best handling and tire life. The off center wheel may indicate alignment change. I tend to prefer an alignment specialty shop over a general tire seller. Many of the specialty shops are very good at brake problems also. Ask around among trusted friends and associates.
  10. I've got the standard 185/65/15 size on my car. Would shocks/struts make that kind of fast boop,boop noise while driving? It seems the faster I go the faster the sound is, and as I decelerate the sound slows down as well. Try raising the tire pressure to 38psi (cold) and see if this changes the noise in any way. Just out of curiosity, has the front and rear alignment/toe been checked?
  11. I had the same problem- I touched a bar of Ivory soap to the outer top edges of the belt with the engine idling - doesn't take much but WATCH THE FINGERS!! Not a squeak since.
  12. Are the trunk cargo net hooks hidden behind the trunk side panels or do they have to be installed? I would sure like the convenience of a net to help hem up the groceries! Thanks.
  13. did they say what in the transaxle broke? if it were a synchro, ok those are wear items...if a gear spalled and ground up, that'd be a manufacturing fault i'd think. those gears are very hard to destroy, you have to be powershifting, running a very hard clutch, and dumping it from stops into 1st gear at 5 grand EVERY time you leave a light for a few weeks. anyways, you'd damage an axle or strip the dogteeth on the synchro before you'd grind up a gear. and a bearing failure is very very unusual. tell them you want to know what broke. They wouldn't say. They simply claimed that it was one part. After I asked them some more questions, they admitted it that it wasn't a single part, but rather they don't investigate and all they do is replace the entire unit. My gears are fine. I don't run my car hard at all. At this point Toyota won't consider that it was a manufacturing fault, because I didn't change my transmission oil at 60,000 - even though I had my wheel bearings replaced at 65,000 and the toyota service rep. told me that I didn't need to change the oil yet. The manual on my 2003 Corolla says to "Inspect" the oil level at 60K miles. In "Special service" conditions to replace the oil. Check your manual.