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  1. Most budget vehicles (ones under 35k) will be louder than pricer ones. I never had an issue the nose level in any corollas I have owned. A work friend of mine has the 2020 model and it seems quiet to me the few times I have been in his car.
  2. A slightly used one will be under 20k for sure. I would say you get get one as low as 14k if you can find the right dealer. But like Dave mentioned, the general price point seems to be between 16k and 18k.
  3. I love red on a car. That and yellow. I guess this is the child in me having all those brightly colored cars as a kid. I think it looks nice on this model. I feel like the older models wouldn't be able to pull it off. Why is the red limited edition though? I would think they'd want to stock that one.
  4. So the package is more about the tires and rims than anything else? I mean that is a good idea to have more options but unless the option is cheaper than what they can get from their auto-shop, they'll like just take the stock ones.
  5. I am glad people are standing up for themselves and speaking out against everything but am I a horrible person for getting tired of hearing it? I don't mean to put the issue off but it is all people are going on and on about and I have gotten so many e-mails from companies over this and the virus, it has become too much. I can't even turn on the TV without hearing about it. I mean good on Toyota and all but most people would not expect an entire company to be okay with stuff to begin with.
  6. Depending on the condition and miles, you can get as much as 9k for one of these. If your mileage is over 50 then 8K and if they are over 100, 7k. Without seeing it I have a hard time saying. I mean I see it in your avatar but it is hard to see the finer details. I would say to start the asking price at $8,000 if it is in solid condition. You can always lower it. I saw plenty from this year selling for more.
  7. I am talking about the model years. I want to get my daughter a Corolla since I find them to be safe, reliable, and cheap to maintain. It will be her first car, she is turning 16 over the summer. I don't want to spend more than 10k so I was looking at the 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 models. It seems I can find a number of them under 10k in the 2014 and 2015 models but my options run low for newer ones.
  8. My grandparents want to get a new car and I was looking at the C-HR with them. Both of them have knee issues but they both want an SUV or "SUV-like" vehicle. The Toyota C-HR is in their budget range if they get the 2018 model. It appears to be a compact SUV and it sits lower to the ground. I showed my grandfather and he is inclined to get one but my grandmother is being a bit fussy. It is just them two so they don't need all the room an SUV has.
  9. I think the Camrys are nice. I prefer Corollas and the 86s but for a lease, this would be a great option. I might be a bit biased though because I believe all Japanese brands make good reliable vehicles, especially Toyota.