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  1. Willow, my mom's Corolla and my avatar here had a dead battery and sat for a while. The car's radio was weak with the headlights before that, so the battery was thought old. When the original battery was hooked up to jumper cables, the car would crank but not start and (this was true before the weeks of sitting)was no crank without cables. We think the critters we know were around the car may have chewed some wires, perhaps, due to the lights not all lighting. She (named cars get feminine pronouns if they fit with the name in my family) went to a garage my family's used before on a flatbed. They seem backed up as they haven't called us as I type this.
  2. I've heard of older Corolla engines rev-ing fast at idle when cold. Maybe they (Corollas) just do that? IDK. Btw, what year is your car?
  3. "Prizm power"'s been in my vocabulary, too. Like this spring, when going uphill in one and the engine made that noise little engines make when you step on it.
  4. My family had a '93 Geo Prizm with a 1.8 L engine when I was a kid and that took the premium gas.
  5. You may have seen my mentioning Miss Bluebell, the car I learned to drive on. When it was chilly, at least when she got old, she had higher idle.
  6. 1Y1SK52882Z411904, the VIN of an '02 Chevy Prizm LSi I mentioned in my intro might be something to look up. There's a treasure trove of parts in there.
  7. This car's a twin to Chevy Prizm, which is what I learned to drive on (Prizm). The engine's not the best Toyota engine, but it's not a terrible engine, according to what I've heard/read. The cars with this engine are prone to problems with the evaporation system and after a certain number of miles, to burn oil. I have seen cars with this engine get 200k+, but I've read they need to have their maintenance or they might throw rods. Here's a 1ZZ-FE (used in '98 to '08 Corollas and their mechanical twins) high mileage Corolla video. So maybe the bad stories were oil burning, engine lights (they tend to have a lot of steady check engine issues, like those evap issues mentioned above) or people that didn't care for their car properly.
  8. Cracked manifolds were common in Geo Prizms and their Corolla twins. I once read a blog about an old, I think '92 5-speed Corolla and that car had a flange broken off the muffler. In my experience with Corollas and their twins, loudness means problems. Like my family's '93 Geo Prizm was loud when the muffler came unbolted. Our little Patti (see my intro post) was quiet, normally, but she roared when the muffler came unbolted.
  9. My family's '93 Geo Prizm (Corolla engine) had a stuck open thermostat and didn't properly warm up, but I never heard of a car with a Corolla engine not realizing it wasn't cold. None of our Prizms ever had your car's problem.
  10. I don't know why a Corolla of that generation might have an engine light. My '93 Geo Prizm, this car's engine twin, never had that in 178,615 miles. Car was one of my family's cars and sort of became mine when I was in high school. The Chevy Prizms and their Corolla engine twins, now those I'm more familiar with why they got engine lights.
  11. Due to the Chevy Prizm being this car's engine twin, I'll tell of my mom's experience with her old Chevy Prizm. I mention how Bluebell (see my intro post) became an oil burner at higher mileage. Once, when my mom was still working, she noticed her car was noisier than usual. She didn't notice any other issues, no lights that came on when the noise started or weird smells and the cars was running normal, apart from the noise. So she went to the garage, thinking maybe there was something wrong with the exhaust, like a leak or muffler issue. And then, they said the car was down 4 quarts of oil. The oil consumption seemed to be a quart every ~1000 miles. My dad started checking the oil more after that and I think the lowest Bluebell's oil got after that was down a quart- a quart and half, the latter right before an oil change.
  12. I was thinking wrong trim or year. Or maybe it came from a Chevy Prizm? But the Corolla and Prizm gauges, like the cars themselves look alike. I mean, if I see a Prizmoid (my term for Corollas with a Prizm twin) Corolla in a video, the gauge cluster's indistinguishable from the ones in the Prizm. Prizm engine, transmission and electrical mimic the parallel Corollas. Maybe there's some hidden differences between Prizm and Corolla gauges, but from my family's years of Prizm ownership, combined with what I mention here, they look interchangeable.
  13. Maybe if it's a '93-'97, it should work. I mean, that would be the generation. Because of that '93 Geo Prizm I mention in my intro post, I know what generation you're talking about.
  14. Corollas are just amazing, especially the ones without a CVT. Oh, what they can do.They can tow 1500 pounds, though they're so small.They won't even let you down at -20 degrees, if it can be helped. The only reason they'll fail to start at that temperature seems to be something wrong, like an old battery or a drained one, like if there's a draw on it.They've even been known to run and drive just fine with a steady engine light. Once they were called "the gold standard in small cars". Even now, they have a lot of features for being so compact. They have a reputation of being little tanks on wheels, especially with good tires. Because under these conditions, they'll go through anything that's not up to the bumper or some such depth that's too deep for a little car to navigate through. It's been said they're low mileage if they have yet to turn 200k on the odometer. I once heard of one with almost 400,000 miles named Charlene by the owner and she's sounded healthy for all the miles. Corollas are just so good. They even had a twin when I was a kid. Imitation is a form of flattery, they say. Chevy obviously thought they needed to mimic them, so it seems to me. I've been told the Corolla with a bowtie was originally called Nova. Then, shortly before I was born, the Geo brand was created for the Asian-like Chevy cars. And the Corolla twin was known as Geo Prizm, until Chevy absorbed some Geo models after '97 model year. Prizm was 1 and was known as Chevy Prizm for the rest of its production. Though '02 was the last year, some are still around. And so are Prizmoid Corollas, as I call Corollas built parallel in time to Prizms, just because I can't tell them apart with seeing the badges and lights. Unless the Corolla has body color door handles. Prizm never got that, unless the car was black because every Prizm I've ever seen, the exterior door handles are/were black. This song was composed with a Chevy Prizm only yards away from me, just at the end of the driveway of the place I was. Corollas are just so good. The just over 25 years of Prizm life instilled Corolla love in me. But not until 13 years after that life began could I love Prizm's twin. Though except for a few Chevy touches, Prizm was built the same as its Corolla twin. The gauge cluster of a '90's and 2000-2002 Corolla clearly resembles its twins'. A video Corolla's wheels appeared very similar to those same kind of wheels on a Prizm. The Prizms and Corollas with a manual or regular automatic transmission with overdrive are frisky, especially Corolla XRS. XRS only came with a stick. At least the previous generations of Corolla. They've grown now, so I don't know. But the engines in previous generations combined with the size of the car made for spunky little cars. Maybe they still are, I just don't know. But I know they can be peppy. Corolla are just so good. This is the song lyrics I wrote about Corollas last month.
  15. The engine, transmission, electrical would be the same. The gauge cluster looks the same. See my Introduction post where I mention our Prizms, so I know what a Prizm gauge cluster looks like. I've seen Corolla ones in videos and that's how I know what those like.
  16. Corolla engines, as a YouTuber that loves Corollas said, burn oil. And in my Introduction post, I talk about our old Prizms burning oil. So I suspect the oil usage in the car mentioned here was oil burning.
  17. I'm a little surprised you speak of the door panels. I always thought it was the door HANDLES that were weak.
  18. Before my family had an actual Corolla, I thought I couldn't join this forum. We've had Prizms, but I thought since those have a different badge, they didn't count here. I knew about this place months before, but felt I had to just be a guest on the site. Now that I'm here, I wish I hadn't let Prizms rather than an actual Corolla stop me. I see people talking about their Prizms here. I knew about Prizms being a Corolla twins because of this.* I have to use the emblems, taillights and sometimes Corollas that vintage having body colored door handles to tell a Prizm from what I call a Prizmoid Corolla. *See attachments [ATTACH]11[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]12[/ATTACH]
  19. I suspect it burns oil or something. My dad told me Prizms with higher mileage (they got Corolla engines) often burn oil.
  20. Willow came to our driveway the night of 6-20-18 because she was found 183 miles from where I live. We found her on
  21. I'm introducing my family's Corolla here and telling the backstory of this little car. After 25 years and 3 months of Prizms (we've had 3), our last '02 Chevy Prizm was traded for a '16 Corolla. Peppermint Patti, Miss Bluebell and Madame Blueberry (the Prizms' names) as Corolla twins told us just how good Corollas are. The Corolla's name, Willow, came from my mom and is because the car's gray. Her other gray name idea was Luna, but that's better for a silver Corolla, according to her. Classic Silver was our original pick for the color, but then my mom liked the Slate better, for having a blue-ish cast in certain lights. The Slate seemed a better successor in spirit to the replaced blue car. Patti was '93 Polynesian Green Geo Prizm LSi, bought new, and the story behind her name was my dad likes to name cars and my mom wanted the car to have a green name. The other 2 Prizms' names came from their Dark Blue-Green color warranting blue names. Bluebell was bought new because '02 was the last year for Prizms and Patti was getting older and starting to rust. Salt Bet life. Blueberry, an '02 just like Bluebell, was bought slightly used at age 3 as a Patti replacer. Patti had bad brakes and was full of rust. When the twins, my mom's term for Bluebell and Blueberry, were 7, Blueberry was totaled in a wreck. Willow's a Bluebell replacer, due to the latter's frame rusting, mostly, but a few other smaller things. Blueberry didn't get to the 6 figures, but the other Prizms did and started burning oil. In addition to the oil burning, Bluebell developed a few other quirks/issue, like a broken connection on the air dial that wouldn't let air blow on the windshield without turning the vents up, something with no symptoms detectable to us except a check engine light (maybe a small vapor leak, a code she's had previously or some evaporation system trouble), a gas leak when filled over half (my dad said it was a leaking seam, probably) and a buzz (due to an exhaust leak or some problem there). Blueberry had evaporation system issues when we got her and Bluebell did a few months later. The Prizms achieved 178,615, 70,000 something and 136,614 miles with us, Patti, Blueberry and Bluebell, respectively. [ATTACH]10[/ATTACH]