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  1. I recently took a highway trip. From Klamath Falls, Oregon to Biggs Junction, Oregon - over 270 miles. My MPG gauge showed 41.2 MPG. I had done this before, and had seen what I thought was an exaggerated reading. This time I also wrote down the mileage on the odometer, and checked it at fill-up. I got 42.9 MPG. I have a 2013 "S" model with a manual tranny - completely stock. Is this even possible?
  2. Gps

    fishexpo101 - thanks for responding. I do have a touchscreen. Does it have the capability to get GPS thru it? I can't find a way to do it. Maybe you or someone else can give me an idea?
  3. Gps

    I have a 2013 S model that has type D audio system display. Is there a way to get GPS on it ?
  4. Sounds good fishexpo101 - I've only used Toyota filters until this latest servicing. They were reasonably priced($5.83). I'll either go back to Toyota, or check out K&N. I remember using many PH8A's on my big-block Ford and Mopars muscle cars.
  5. I changed my oil and filter. The only type Walmart had in stock at the time was a FRAM Extra Guard. Only after the change did I notice that on the filter box(in small letters) it states "engineered for conventional oil". I wouldn't think this could be a problem - thoughts/comments anyone ?
  6. Okay - I had enough of Amsoil's $11.50/quart. I did some reading online this morning comparing oils. I then went to Walmart and paid $22.88 for a 5-quart jug of full synthetic Mobile 1(0w20). I've been paying more than that for 2 quarts of Amsoil's top oil. I won't, however, be converting to the cheaper beer - unless someone has some ideas/recommendations in that area, as well ?
  7. I meant bhp and bxkid - not 1st gear. fishexpo101 - thanks for the info. I'll give Blackstone Labs a try - first with my motorcycle(and yes, I also use the spendy Amsoil in that).
  8. 1st gear - there is some logic in your words. I'm planning on trading mine(2013 S manual tranny) in on a new Corolla in two years. Thus, I could see how some would really think that I'm wasting my money. It is, however, hard to break habits. I buy the most expensive 0W-20 Signature series Amsoil, as well. Also, $22.99 seems cheap for 5 quarts of synthetic. Hell, two quarts of mine costs that much. I do only change it once a year(more often for the oil filter).
  9. Opinions on everything(including oil) seem as variable as the weather. I'm a believer in fully-synthetic oil, and have used Amsoil products for years. Others will use the cheapest product(s) they can find. Our experiences in life, and those whose opinions/advice we trust would surely factor into our own ideas and choices. fishexpo101 - I've never before considered a used oil analysis, but am now. How/where do you have your samples tested?