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  1. You have to have the brake already set before you start the car. If you apply it after starting, it does not turn the lights off. Also, unless you live in Canada, the federal government doesn't require DRLs. Ahh, thanks. So how many clicks does the brake have to be up? Will this hurt the rear brakes if you drive like this for an extended period?
  2. I was driving through a holiday luminary the other night and realized how unenjoyable it is looking at bags with candles in them... when your headlights are on! Apparently other cars agreed since they repeatedly flashed their lights at me. So... how in the world can I get my headlights and running lights to go off while driving? Is there a way to do this or am I doomed to holiday misery thanks to the federal government requiring the use of DRL's. I have an '05 Corolla S. And yes, I tried the emergency brake trick... to no avail.
  3. Yep... It's a sad state of affairs when they're taping our emblems onto our cars.
  4. Hi all, While driving down the road a few weeks ago, some road debris flew up from another car and hit my grille right where the Toyota emblem is located. This caused the emblem to fly off. I'm trying to locate a web-site where I can order a new emblem. I'm sure I could go directly to Toyota but they'd probably charge a small fortune. The emblem simply sticks onto the grille with strong tape, and the emblem itself is probably made of plastic so I'm sure it shouldn't cost more than a few dollars. I've searched all over the net and can't find any sites with emblems for sale. Any ideas?
  5. Just wanted to throw a question out there. There is a gas station near my home that offers Premium gas (93 octane) at the price of Regular gas (87 Octane) on Mondays. With my previous car, I always filled up with the Premium fuel on Mondays just for kicks. So, my question is this... I've read where the '05 Corolla engine is not designed to work as well with 93 octane. Is this true? Would it hurt the car's engine and/or its performace if you were to use 93 octane? Just curious if there was anyone out there that had filled up with 93 octane in your '05 Corolla and if you saw an increase/decrease in MPG or any other performance related changes. Thanks! My car is an '05 Corolla Sport, Automatic trans. if that makes a difference in your response. Don't know if the standard -vs- automatic would make any difference.
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    Congrats Spud... That's the exact same car as mine. I really like the red color on the sport model. A few months after having my car I went ahead and got the windows tinted with a pretty dark tint. TOTALLY changed the look of the car. It improved an already pretty sporty look. I would definitely recommend the tint if you're looking to drop a few dollars to make your car look better. I had my entire car done professionally with the highest grade tint and the total cost was like $205 with tax. Enjoy the ride!
  7. Has anybody ever taken a look at how the seat is mounted to the rails on the floor of the car? I definitely don't want to do something that would pose a safety hazard. However, if there is a way to unbolt something... slide the seat back... and bolt it back down, that would be awesome. Safety is #1 though. I wouldn't want to do something that would slip and cause the seat to possibly go forward. On a separate note... I don't see how I could fly forward seeing as how the seatbelt locks when the slightest pressure is applied to the brakes. This is nice during hard braking but a little annoying when you're gently slowing down and need to lean forward to look out the side window.
  8. Hey all... I've got an '05 Sport and I'm 6'4" tall. So as you can imagine I'm pressed for room in my corolla. I was wondering if there was a way to move the seats back further. Is there a way you can unbolt the seat and slide it back some and then bolt it back down? ANybody ever done anything to their Corolla to give you more leg room?
  9. I'm 6' 4" tall... When I have my right hand on the bottom of the steering wheel, my arm can rest on the center console. Thanks for your concern about unsafe drivers though.
  10. Yeah, it is a little too low isn't it. I just bought an '05 and that's one of the first things I noticed after driving it for a little while. It would be nice if it were just a couple inches higher. Then it would fall in line with where my elbow would rest. I'm not sure of any mods that would raise the height, but I'm sure you could have something done/made. If you find anything, be sure to post it up. I'd like to fix my console in the future as well.
  11. I just got an '05 Corolla S. I have been wondering how may miles I can get out of the tank after the fuel gauge gets close to E. My gauge drops off of "F" pretty slowly. I usually go 200-225 miles before it hits halfway on the fuel gauge. Then it drops down to "E" after about 350-380 miles depending on the type of driving I'm doing. So, once the light comes on, how much further can I go. And/or... how low does the gauge go? Does it go all the way over to the "E" or is the last line on the gauge the danger point?