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  1. Hello everyone, hope you are having a good day. My 2000 Corolla, 213,600 miles, automatic, has burning engine oil rate of about 1qt. every 300~400 miles. It used to worse when I used non synthetic oil before, since I begin to use synthetic blend,it increased little bit of range but still I believe the burning rate isn't that good. There is clear sign of burning oil than leaking, by watching a lot of white smoke coming out from exhaust in morning and sometime after went to highways with decent high speeds. I see many solutions by rebuilt engine, change valve seals, or adding some chemical add-ons from auto shop but what you think? I am poor college student, I may not able to have install decent rebuilt engine into my car right now but do you think changing valve seals would help me a lot to solve this burning rate? I have replaced PCV vlave, wished it was the main problem but it was not. Please share what you think of this. One of my friend says just keep adding oil as what I've been doing but I think the burning rate wouldn't go better than that so I think replacing valve seals is reasonable investment but I would like to hear what I may don't know about. Thanks..!
  2. fishexpo101Paul79UF Thank you so much, both of you..!! The dealer did not have filter but Pepboys did for $21.00 Replaced the filter and added new ATF, runs great..!
  3. Thank you, fishexpo101 Its funny, that my 2000 Corolla does not need to replace filter at all. Just talked to a guy at the Toyota dealer shop (Parts)@ Puente Hills, CA, they don't even sell filter for my model. He says just wash the original filter and put it back to where it is and reassemble the pen with new gasket. NOW, another question came up to me, Should I clean the filter anyways + Replace the gasket Or Should I just drain the old fluid and add some new transmission fluid and not replace gasket. One of my friend says I do not need to replace the gasket (transmission) if I do not have leaking transmission fluid. (My fluid is not leaking) But the guy at the dealer shop (Part) says its old car, I should have already replaced the gasket.. Of course newer is better (sometimes) but do you think its really that necessary? Thanks..!!
  4. Hello guys, hope you having a wonderful day..! I am thinking to have my 2000 Corolla, with 212,400 miles flush and change Automatic Transmission Fluid. The fluid looks just fine, still red but since I bought this car a year ago, I do not have information when the fluid has changed. So I am thinking to change transmission fluid but would you change the transmission filter as well? I believe this car have not changed filter at all, would be good investment for this car? Lastly, I talked to one of mechanic in my local, to see how much it would cost me to flush and change the transmission fluid and have filter change, he says with all the labor, it would cost me about $350. Do you think its reasonable price? Thanks..!
  5. Hello everyone, So I believe the code P0171 (Too Lean system) for 8th Gen. Corolla is popular, I see many people posting this issue over the internet EVERYWHERE. I am proud to be became part of them now LOL The code actually did came out once about a year ago, when I just bought this car. But after let the Pepboys clean the fuel injectors, it went away for long time till now. But this time, its little different than before. - Pepboys checked any leaks in intake system, None found. - Cleaned the fuel injector again but did not fix the problem. - Cleaned MAF sensor with MAF sensor cleaner, the light was on again. Pepboys recommanded to replace MAF sensor so I did. However, did not fix problem. - Replaced Air filter, did not fix problem. - Replaced PCV valve myself, Did not fix problem. - Pepboys recommands to replace VSV, asking $240 including labor.. Thinking about it. - Thinking about the intake manifold gasket, do they go bad usually? Is there anything else I should look for? Little bit info. of my car: 2000 Corolla CE, has 211,400 miles, Code P0171 comes again after about 20~30 miles since reset. * I do hear some 'air' noise around where the engine oil dipstick is, thought its normal engine intake sound, but is it? * Experiencing lack of power in the morning. As I pedal the accelerator, the speed goes up but rarely the speed decreased in short period of time. Looking forward to see any solution that I could try something that fix the problem. Thanks..!!
  6. fishexpo101 Thank you so much for the info. Really appreciate it..!! Have a great day.
  7. Thanks to all including01loadedLE And dom Really appreciate your comments. So, about oil filters..? : ) I've been using Fram's Extra guard (The basic one), since I have been doing my oil change every 3 K, so I thought it was perfect oil filter for me. I see many oil filters for High mileage cars in part shop these days, should I switch to high mileage oil filter as well? Do they really work? Sorry for your trouble but I really want to do right thing for my car. : ) Thanks..!
  8. 01loadedLE: Thanks for your comment, really appreciate it. It's impressive how you maintain your car, especially oil lasts that long. I will look into the valvoline max life synth blend. It is hard to chose one oil kind out of so many of them. *Mind I ask you are a pilot? I am working on my private right now, thinking have my checkride by this november. Fly safe..! Thanks..!!
  9. Thanks to everyone, I really appreciate you all. dom : Here's little info. of my Corolla. 2000 Corolla, has 210,800 miles as today (Believe its still a baby Been doing oil change every 3000 miles with high mileage so far, Adding about 1qt. every two weeks, depends how fast I drive but it burns much more when I go 65 mph or more. (Average 60), (Automatic) I drive about average 160 miles per week, so adding 1qt. of oil every about 310 miles I believe. Its amazing I don't see any leaks so far, I did have some leaks when I bought this car last year, but after I installed new head gasket I do not see any oil leaks yet. Thanks..!
  10. Thank you so much for reply, fishexpo101. Went to Pepboys other day and have diagnosis job for my car. Turns out one of my auto lock system wire was messing with part of my fuse box that located near the driver seat. The auto lock was installed at the Sound Ave. auto shop in Cypress, CA, I guess I got what I have paid. (Paid $120 for Autopage xt-33..) Fixed the problem at the Pepboys at $90, re-organize the wires in fuse box. Thanks again for your comment. Have a great day..!
  11. Hello, I have 2000 Corolla CE trim, I bought this car about a year ago, I've been putting 5W-30 high mileage oil so far since. I do my own oil change every 3000 miles as people says on internet. (Not sure its too short) Some of my friends telling me that Synthetic oil would make the engine lasts longer and some other friends telling me its always better to be stick with what I have been adding, which is high mileage oil. I do not have any information that regards what kind of oil the previous owner have been adding, since I got it from private dealer. I do having trouble with losing oil. I believe its common for old car but I need to add about 1qt. every 2 weeks to be stable on engine oil. Should I add thicker oil? Is that the solution? Please help me to give the best treatment for my car, should I stick with the kind of oil that I've been adding? And is there a way to prevent oil loss? Would the thicker oil will last longer but not harm to the engine? Thanks..!!
  12. Hi, I have 2000 Corolla CE model, bought this car with knowing that Defogger is not working condition. I have never used, did not think I needed actually since I was driving in only CA. About two weeks ago, I replaced the car battery because It was about time. After about 100 miles, the defogger light has lighted up on my dash that I have never seen it before. (Did not even know Defogger light is orange..) I tried to turn it off by press defogger switch, but it does nothing. It's always on now, is there anything I can do about it?