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  1. I went to mechanic today and he told me that I need a new engine mounts and that would cost 700$. i just want to know how many engine mounts that corolla 99 has and what are there positions. Can I do it myself.Thanks for advice
  2. Today I checked the ignition coil and injectors resistance and both were with in the spec. limits (according to Haynes). I also removed the IAC from the Throttle body and cleaned it. I had to use hammer to loosen the screws. I couldn't open the actuator because it was so rusty. After starting the car the Idle speed now is 1000 RPM at normal temperature . I could not found any information on how to reduce the idle speed?
  3. Thanks for the advice fishexpo101 . I drove the car today on the highway and when I stopped at the traffic light the symptoms is gone. The RPM used to bounce smoothly like a sinusoidal signal. The gas station that I used was in deserted area that maybe the reason of the problem . I feel the car performance is weaker than before and I Still have the engine rattling problem but now i feel it worse than before. I'll try to remove the IAC from the TB and clean it thoroughly. also i'll check the ignition coils secondary resistance. Also ill check fuel injector resistance and audible. but how can i check the O2 sensor?
  4. I biught a bottle of seafoam and put around 10 oz in the fuel tank before filling the gas tank. After driving few miles I noticed that the car RPM is bouncing between 750 to 850 while idle. What happen?is this because seafoam and how can I fix it?
  5. Thank you fishexpo101 for the information
  6. A very interesting topic. I have a similar car with 130K miles. I'm the 6th owner. I believe the Transmission fluid has never been replaced and it is dark red. one mechanic suggested that I should change the oil and the filter and another one suggested flushing and exchanging the ATF. Some website recommend not to change the ATF of high mileage cars if it has never been replaced. any suggestion?
  7. I forget to say that. Before I clean the TB, the car used to idle at 1800 until temperature gauge reaches "C" then it go down to 1200 then it go down again to 750 when it reaches normal operation temperature. Now it idles at 1800 for a second then goes down to 1200 and stays until temperature gauge reaches normal operation temperature ( needle points at the middle). have I broken the IAC or what?
  8. I tried the idle-up circuit test. When I turn on the AC the RPM change form 650 to 750 for a second then it stays at 700. Does that means it IAC is clogged?. I live in Michigan and everything is rusted. I took TB out and used WD-40 and nothing worked. I found a used TB on Ebay that looks in better condition than my TB. I might consider buying it.
  9. Hi, When I start the car the engine runs at 1200 RPM and when it reaches the normal operation temperature it go down to 750 RPM (at P). However, when put the transmission on D without allowing the car to move, the RPM goes down to 620 RPM and the engine start shaking. My car has 130K. I replaced spark plugs and wires and that did not change anything. I also cleaned the Throttle Body and the car now shake less violently. I could not clean the IAC because the screws were rusted I only sprayed Electrical cleaner in the IAC hole in the throttle body. Any suggestions?
  10. Thanks for the advice. Yes, Valve cover gasket. H did not tell me that I need to replace spark plugs and wires. However, I will replace them soon. My car rattles when I stop at the traffic light when i put it to N it stops rattling is this because of the spark plug?
  11. I went to a new mechanic and he notice that two of my sparks connection was soaked into oil and there was a small leak at that corner. The valves seal was bad. He replaced it and charged me 100$ for parts and labor including PCV (is this good price?). in your opinion, is this the only problem? 1qt for every 1500 miles is a lot. I only use Sears conventional 5w-30 oil should I switch to Maxlife High mileage oil and use lucas oil stabilizer ? I read many threads, for piston soaking, people use either MMO, Seafoam or Car-rx. Since piston ring problem in this model is common and ( hopping) I do not have such problem now, what is the best way to keep this problem away from my car. Is using MMO or car-rx ( as they advertise ) regularly in my car prevent this problem? Thanks for replay
  12. I have a corolla 99 LE with 130K, I have noticed recently that it started consuming oil. I checked it after 2400 miles and I found out that the car consumed around 1.5 qts of oil. I mostly drive on highways around 15 miles everyday and usually go out of town on weekends. I read a lot about this problem. My car does not leak at all I started using Lucas oil treatment, is it really reduces oil consumption ? without adding Lucas, at high RPM (more than 3000) the car blows white smoke but with Lucas it blows out white smoke at 4000+ RPM How can I make sure it's the piston head ring and not something else ? can i do some tests to find out. Is using seafoam useful? thanks