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  1. Going to change the coolant on my '05 Corolla LE which has 81,782 miles on the clock. Still has the original factory coolant (pink stuff), so it's time to change it out. I'm going to get the Toyota SLLC (pink) coolant, but wondering if I need to buy one gallon, or two? The Toyota fluid spec chart shows 6.9 qts capacity for the '05 Corolla (see chart below), but does all of it drain out? No sense buying two gallons if one will do the job. Thanks for your help! I appreciate it!
  2. Just a follow-up. Today, I brought my Corolla to a Tuffy Auto Service Center. After putting it up on the hoist, the manager and one of the mechanics looked over the exhaust crack. The manager came back in the waiting area and told me, "Well, I've got good news for you. The crack falls in the $60 price range!" He told me the exhaust system IS made of stainless steel (which I was unaware of), but the flange located about 18 inches ahead of the muffler is not. That part rusted out since it always gets road salt splashed up by the right rear tire. So, the mechanic welded a 4 inch section of pipe in the area where the rusted flange used to be. Problem solved and I'm a happy camper! The total bill with labor and tax came to $67.98! I was really impressed with the manager of this Tuffy Center. He went out of his way to squeeze me into his busy schedule. After hearing him talk to other customers over the phone, I could tell he doesn't want people to pay any more than they have to for auto repairs. Sure is nice to know there still are some auto repair shop managers who are looking out for the customer!
  3. There's a large crack in the exhaust pipe section between the resonator and the muffler on my '05 Corolla LE. Kind of disappointed at the quality of that exhaust system. Should last longer than that, especially when 95% of my 77,038 miles have been long distance highway miles. I can understand rust developing from frequent, one or two-mile trips around town where moisture from combustion doesn't get a chance to burn out. Even in this day and age, engineers still don't know how to develop a good exhaust system. Or, they do, but company policy dictates they keep using the same cheap steel that rusts out so they keep making money on replacement exhaust parts. That's why I've always been a big fan of stainless steel for exhaust systems and aluminum bodies for cars. Might cost a lot more, but they'd never rust out. Of course, the auto makers would never go for that! Anyway, better off bringing it to a Midas shop or a Toyota dealership? I've read a lot of bad reviews about Midas, and Toyota dealerships charge you through the nose, so... Any thoughts or suggestions?
  4. It's that time of year again - touching up rock chips on my '05 Corolla before the snow begins to fly. I have plenty of "Silver Streak Mica" Toyota touch-up paint left, but my tube of Toyota brand clearcoat is dried up. The nearest tube of clearcoat to me is at a Ford dealer which is a LOT closer to me than than nearest Toyota dealer is, so...would it be okay to use the Ford clearcoat over the Toyota touch up paint? I think all the automotive paints and clearcoats are probably made by the same vendors anyway (DuPont or PPG). Thanks for the advice!
  5. Well, this morning I did my own testing, and the noise is a strange one indeed. I drove the car on rural paved roads with hardly any traffic and I made the following observations: - No noise is evident under acceleration. - Upon releasing the gas pedal and coasting, a slight, yet noticeable percolating sound (similar to a coffee pot) appears at about 35 mph. - After accelerating up a gradual hill and slowly making a right turn, the "wup-wup-wup" noise began to sound. Then, as I coasted down the following adjacent grade, the noise mellowed to the slight percolating sound nearly all the way to the stop sign at the bottom of the hill. - I firmly applied the brakes several times - on straight stretches, around curves, etc. No noise at all, and the brakes have plenty of stopping power. - Went back on the highway again and sped up to 55 mph. Again, no noise under acceleration. From what I observed today, the noise doesn't seem to be brake-related. There's two reputable auto repair facilities in my area, one of them put on my Michelins, so I'll probably bring it there and have them check it out.
  6. Thanks, Fish! The original Goodyear Integrity tires were replaced with 4 new Michelin Harmonys on 10-26-09 at 55,010 miles. Since new tires were put on, they have been rotated twice - the first rotation on 3-22-10 at 60,180 miles, and the latest rotation on 3-31-11 at 70,372 miles. The noise appears when I brake when traveling down a steep grade. Yesterday afternoon, I brought my sister's dog to the veterinarian's office which is located halfway down a steep hill. I was only going down about 30 mph down the hill when the noise appeared, each time I applied the brakes. It continued even as I turned in to the vet office parking lot, but it was slowing in frequency in relation to the slowing vehicle speed. The noise went from a fast "wup-wup-wup" traveling down the hill to a slow "wup----wup----wup" as I turned in to the parking lot.
  7. This one stumps me. The front brake(s) on my '05 Corolla LE make a flat tire noise ONLY when I brake going down a steep hill. Sounds like a "wup-wup-wup-wup" noise when brakes are applied. No feedback (pulsation) in the brake pedal which makes this issue even more confusing. If it did, I would suspect a warped rotor. However, when I brake on a flat road surface, I don't hear the noise. Have plenty of stopping ability. The Toyota dealership inspected the brakes on 3-31-11 and said I have 70% brake left. Mileage at that time was 70,372. Current mileage of vehicle is 72,232. Seems a bit premature to have a CV joint go south this early. This is the first real issue I've had with this '05 since I bought it new in October '04. That's a pretty decent track record, I would think! Any help is greatly appreciated!
  8. I have 54,700 miles on my '05 Corolla LE and plan on getting new tires before winter. The OEM Goodyear Integrity tires have held up quite well with still a decent amount of tread in the center tread area, but I don't think it's wise to use them through another winter. Need help/suggestions on picking a good tire. I've been considering the Michelin HydroEdge, Harmony, Symmetry and Destiny vs. the Goodyear ComforTred and TripleTred. Thanks for your help.
  9. I recently replaced the wiper blades on my '05 Corolla. I couldn't find an exact size for the OEM Toyota blades, so I picked up two Anco blades at Wally-World. I put a 24-inch blade on the driver side and an 18-inch blade on the passenger side. When driving in the rain, the passenger-side wiper blade wiped nice and smooth. However, the left half of the driver-side blade was jerking through the wipe cycle. Thinking the blade was defective, I returned it to Wally-World and picked up another Anco 24-inch blade. Well, this blade makes the same jerking motion as the one I returned. I inspected the left side of the windshield and it is clean, so there's nothing sticky on it to make the wiper jerk like this. So, is that 24-inch blade too big for the driver side wiper arm, or should I just stay with Toyota OEM wiper blades? I'm sure the Toyota blades will cost more than the $5.47 and $4.47 I paid for the Anco blades. A jerking wiper blade is enough to drive you nuts when you're driving in the rain! I appreciate your help! Thanks!
  10. Anyone know what the MSRP price range will be for the new '07 Toyota Yaris when it hits the U.S. market next spring? If the new Yaris gets better mileage than my '05 silver streak Corolla LE, performs just as well and is just as roomy inside, I may consider trading my Rolla for an '07 silver streak Yaris (if I could make an even trade, that is).
  11. Does the 2005 Corolla have an anti-siphon screen, trap or device in the gas filler neck to prevent a siphon tube or foreign objects from entering the gas tank? One day, as I was filling up my car, a lady bug quickly crawled down the filler neck before I could put the nozzle in. I'm sure there must be something in the filler neck to keep things out of the gas tank in case an object accidentally fell in (such as dirt, etc. or a lady bug!). Also, where is the fuel filter located on an '05 Corolla? Is it inside or outside the tank and how often should it be changed? Thanks.
  12. I waxed my '05 Corolla LE a few days ago, but I didn't do the headlight or taillight lenses. Is it necessary to wax these also? Will waxing them protect the lense plastic from UV damage or is there really any added benefit at all? Thanks for the advice.
  13. I hate that annoying plastic strap that is attached from the gas cap to the fuel door. I know, I know, it's there to keep you from losing your gas cap and vehicles have had them for years. During the first few fill-ups, the strap on my Corolla wasn't a problem, but now it's becoming a hindrance when I open and close the gas cap. Besides constantly getting twisted, the strap pulls tight on the gas cap making the cap difficult to turn counterclockwise to open. Any suggestions on how to get this strap to behave properly? Right now, I'm at the point where I feel like taking my wire cutters and cutting the strap. (On my old '93 Ford Explorer I use to own, the gas cap strap finally snapped from the cold weather and I was happy when it did!) By the way, why doesn't the Corolla gas filler neck have a metal cap which opens when the fuel nozzle is inserted and closes when the nozzle is removed? All of my previous cars have had this. I assume this metal cap is to help prevent foreign objects from entering the gas tank? Does the Corolla have some other kind of screen or filter further down in the gas filler neck to guard against something from falling into the gas tank?
  14. My new '05 Corolla LE just surpassed the 900 mile mark today. At what mileage interval should I have my first oil change? At the first 1,000 miles? I'm used to the "old school" of thought which states that you change the oil at the first 1,000 miles since there's going to be a higher concentration of metal particles and shavings because of the new engine components wearing together. I talked to a serviceman at my Toyota dealer and he said it really didn't matter if I had it changed this early. He did say that the mileage interval for oil changes on new Corollas is 5,000 miles! I was surprised to hear this. He said Toyota did a study of test vehicles which had oil changes at 3,000 miles, 4,000 miles and 5,000 miles. From the data they collected, they concluded that 5,000 miles should be the recommended interval. Well, that explains the Mobil sticker in the upper left corner of my windshield (put on by some guy on the line who filled my car with oil at the Toyota Fremont, CA facility) which reads "5,000 miles" for next oil change. Thanks for your advice. This new Corolla is awesome!
  15. I recently purchased an '05 Corolla LE (automatic) three weeks ago. I'm getting decent gas mileage (42 mpg), but tonight, I started having a problem with the CD player. I loaded (4) CDs into the player a few days ago and tonight when I used the CD player, one of my favorite CDs stopped playing and the "ERROR 3" message came on the screen. I tried ejecting all (4) CDs, but the player will not eject any of them. When I press and hold the eject button (to unload all CDs) the "ERROR 3" message stays on the screen and the orange warning lights on both sides of the CD slot keep flashing. I must've pressed the eject button a hundred times and still - nothing - the CDs will not eject. Good grief, this is only the second time I've used the CD player since I purchased the car! My other question deals with oil consumption. My '05 owners manual states (on page 179) that normal oil consumption for the Corolla is 1.1 quarts every 600 miles!! Man, that's what you call an oil burner! This is "normal" for a new car? My old '93 Ford Explorer with 112,532 miles (which I sold to help pay for this new Corolla) never burned a drop of oil in (12) years! It was a pig on gas, but it didn't burn any oil. Also, the manual recommends that 5W-30 oil be used in the Corolla. What's wrong with 10W-30? Just about every car on the road has 10W-30 oil in it and besides, that's what the quick lube stations use. I'm starting to wonder ... I appreciate your comments and/or suggestions.

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