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  1. I found the issue, cable was a tad bit chewed. I'm trying to find out the part number/name of the cable so I can replace it.
  2. The a/c compressor is about a year ago. Its a Delphi one. I'm thinking its the clutch coil. I haven't added any thing new, no new audio system.
  3. I changed the fuse with the exact same 7.5 amps. When I turn on the a/c cold, the a/c button stays lit for a second and it sounds like the compressor comes on but then the a/c light turns off, the compressor off and the air doesnt come out cold, the new fuse blown. What are the possible causes, to this?
  4. I give up. Like you said, its pretty hard to pin point the malfunctioning part. I LL just leave how it is.
  5. I installed the driver side control arm but still the sam issue. I guess it might be on the passenger front side.
  6. I just bought the driver side and I'm doing it myself. Hopefully when I put it on, the issue would be fixed.
  7. I just bought the moog RK80336, entire control arm for $37 instead of the Roca bushings + shipping = $38
  8. Every time I break hard, making the tires skid, I can hear and fell a jerk from the left front side. As if something rocks forward around the wheel. Also, when I slow down from anything above 50 mph, when pressing the brakes, theres major vibration. My tires are good, balance and aligned. My rotors and brake pads are good. Can this be a sign of a control arm bushing or motor mount?
  9. I need to replace the control arm bushings on my 99 prizm. Which is a good brand? Roca?
  10. What are decent aftermarket Headlights and side markers for a 99 prizm? Not to pricey. Any one with these? 1A Auto Or some from ebay?
  11. I bought them without center caps but I have extended studs and lug nuts. They won't fit under the center cap. I guess I'm going to cut the studs.
  12. I have the Mazda Daisy rims with a center bore of 54.1mm and I'm looking for a rubber cap or something to only cover the cv joint bore.
  13. I'm an idiot, it was the bearing on the front passenger side
  14. Its in on the front, driver side. I jacked up the car and spun the tire, didn't hear anything bad. When I turn the tire, I don't hear it.
  15. I changed the wheel bearing and I had a new cv joint installed about 2 months ago. I still hear a grumbling sound. As I increase speed, the noise gets louder. What could it be?
  16. I forgot to mention, Front Bumper cover. So the front fenders should fit with no issues, only the 1998-2000 years. So The front bumper cover from a corolla from 98-00 will have fitment issues? Im some what confused.
  17. I was in an accident, hit by an idiot on his cell phone. I have a Dark Brown 99 Prizm and its difficult to find parts in junk yards with the same color. My car is considered "totaled". I need to replace the passenger fender and the bumper cover. My second option is to use black colored parts. Will a 99 Corolla fender and bumper fit on my 99 prizm without any issues?
  18. Do I need a gasket or is it the RTV silicone stuff to install with the oil pan?
  19. I'm thinking about buying this ebay one for $36.53. Has better warranty than some major brand oil pans. Anyone with some experience involving ebay oil pans?
  20. Forgot to mention, I also swapped my speedometer to have my actual(which were less than) miles.
  21. Well, I already swapped a 00 corolla w/tach to my 99 prizm. Worked perfect.
  22. I'm in need of an rpm gauge and was planning of using a corollas odometer and stuff to replace my prizms. would it work? I have a 5 speed manual Base model.
  23. Is the 99 prizm control arm the same as 99 corolla? Because Rockauto only has for corolla and not prizm.
  24. Where could I buy some good bushings, including the control arm bushings? I've looked for Energy but none are available for my car.
  25. When I have the car on, I turn the steering wheel to the right and release it right away and I can hear the knock. The same knock when I press in the clutch and release it right away without switching gears, while going 30mph that makes the sound and gives a feel as if the front driver side tire hopes.