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  1. I haven't heard of too many people having that problem. I would think a worn wheel bearing would be noticeable. i've got the noise too, not sure if it's the tires or the bearing/hub...i've had the dealer look at it before while it was under warranty, the 1st time they replaced the wheel bearing, the next time they replaced the transmission or something...but the noise is either coming back or never really went's getting pretty bad now...the tires don't show any feathering...and i will try to jack the car up and see if the wheel is loose...if not, then it's most likely the tires...
  2. for street driving, i doubt the need to upgrade the rear shoes to balance the system, i probably won't see or feel the diff, i think tirerack has hawk pads, do they come w/ shims or should i re-use the oe shims? i have hawk on my integra so i know they're decent, i guess i will try the hawks cuz they're def better than oe, should only improve brake response on the street,
  3. there's no more problems w/ synthetic leaking thru anymore, nowdays the syn oil got the additive, agents that fill up the gaskets to prevent that problem, i think 10k miles is a good place to start using syn, don't use it for break in that's for sure, syn will cost more, you will probably get slightlly better performance, smoother engine operation, but nothing major, it'll reduce wear for sure and you can have longer oil change interval, for corolla, it's not a problem w/ cooked oil, engine temp doens't get so high to have that problem, you just have to weigh out your budget vs. whatever,
  4. any recommendation for aftermarket pads like hawks or something?
  5. where can i find oem toyota brake parts online? there are a few sites that offer aftermarket replacement parts, but nothing oem toyota, where's a good place to find them other than the dealerships? and which aftermarket ones would be good? do i need shims? i am afraid of brake squeel if i don't have shims, i believe toyota oem should come w/ shims correct? my front brake pads for my 03 seem to be on their way out, only got 30k miles on them...any recommendations if i should go aftermarket? but i just don't want the unnecessary noise Associated w/ cheap pads...
  6. dealerships are ripoffs, just do the work yourself, everything's so easy on the corolla, parts are cheap too,
  7. $105 for coolant flush is quite a bit...did the shop have any sort of machinery to pressurize the cooling system?
  8. shouldn't have any effects on tread wear, the tread depth and treadwear stated on the tire should be the only indication for tire life, if any difference it would minimal
  9. i've had many 4 cylinders, it just seems that the corolla is well built and shouldn't be as noisy...hmmm, maybe i am expecting too much huh?
  10. just loud engine rambling noise, thought there would be more sound dampening... at cold it is definitely loud at idle, but when warm it's quiet at idle, however, when i step on the gas then you can totally hear the engine working, outside temp in CA is like 40-50F recently, i've been trying to use 89 octane gas,
  11. the engine seems to be kind of loud for a 4 cyl, not sure if it's normal? i only have 25k miles on my 03 le, don't remember if i recall the engine was loud from the start, but it's definitely loud for a 4 cyl, thought little sedan wouldn't be as noisy...this is engine noise i am talking about, hear it when you rev it up...or accel under load,
  12. so far i got 3k miles on the G009, they're great in dry as well as in wet, i'd definitely recommend them, they do cause a drop in mpg, at the compromise of better grip, the bridgestone are known to be little stiffer so the ride is slightly bumpy, but not that much different, for the money, these are one of the best bang for the buck IMO, but of course there's nothing to worry about snow driving condition where i live, that's a whole different story and don't know what that'll do...
  13. i thought it would be a bad idea to pump it to the max allowed cuz on freeway driving, you're expected to heat up the tires and add maybe 2psi, wouldn't that cause you to be more prone to blowout?
  14. anyone know what is the proper tire pressure for 03 corolla LE? does it vary depending on the brand of the tire?