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  1. Wow! Amazing that nothing happened to your car! Good to know Toyota's engine is that robust my car lost a timing belt about 120k miles ago, we towed it to the shop and had it back on the road the next day, i love non-interference engines
  2. My 2002 Corolla was spotless until few days ago when I scratched it while parking. I remember seeing paint concealers in a car shop (look like lipsticks) and I wonder if somebody has tried it? Since I cannot match the paint perfectly, I wonder if I should go with a lighter or darker tone?
  3. just got in 6-cd changer ...
  4. Toyota is so nice to give 100+K miles warranty - but when it is up, don't forget to change the timing belt!
  5. The easiest service ever - PepBoys. I go directly to their site, or I call them, tell them VIN, ask for parts, and they tell me immediately the cost of the part + labor for their mechanics to do it in the store. I love them, site is: My friends who know how to change parts themselves use eBay.