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  1. Cam Rattle

    its been awhile on this thread but, it wasnt cams afterall, here my number three rod bearing has basically disappeared completly, the rest of the bearings are chewed up, i have 2 stretched rods and the crank is shot.. so, if you guys have this noise, pull the pan and check them out.
  2. 2000 toyota corolla automatic, needs motor, has minor damage to passenger fender and some minor dings here and there, looking for about $500 for it, 856-206-8854.. mike
  3. i actually had the same problem, kind of like a rattling noise at the higher rpms of the gears, i tried cleaning the ocv and all myself, turns out it was a rod bearing, im actually working on either rebuilding or swinging the motor now, so.. either take it to a shop or if youre fairly good with mechanics, take a look at them
  4. use denso standards, my 4afe ran really well with them
  5. my 92 made a similar noise, just tell him to do like i did and beat it half to death in quartermile acceleration and crack the exhaust manifold, it kinda covers the noise up if he doesnt like it... i miss that car thing ran with the head cracked in 3 places
  6. Cam Rattle

    hey it took a little while to get to pulling the filter and such, but yeah it was pretty clogged up. i cleaned the filter and the valve up and the noise has gone away quite a bit, still have a little rattle to it but its not nearly as bad, im thinking i might pull the valve cover and check to make sure nothings chipped or loose, i still have some blowby though when i get real heavy on the throttle but thats a 4 cylinder for ya, thanks for the help bud.
  7. Cam Rattle

    oh and by the way, it happens when putting a slight load onto the throttle or taking the load off gradually, forgot to put that there
  8. Cam Rattle

    i have just under 113k on the engine, it has an auto trans with overdrive, not really sure how many gears it has, oil changes have always been done by a lube shop untill i got the car from my grandmother last year, as far as i know its always used a 5w30 oil as is called for, but once i noticed the noise i upped it a little to 10w30 to see if it was a lower end issue on the crank, now i didnt know there was an oil valve for the vvt-i, wheres that located at? i think i might need to check that out
  9. Cam Rattle

    I have a 2000 corolla, at higher rpms there seems to be a rattle that sounds like its coming from up around the cams. I also can burn up to 2 quarts in a week and a half, anyone got any ideas on what this might be if not cams, and if it is cams what to do to fix it?
  10. Well, ive done about 160ish in a 99 z06 corvette before, but my corolla tops out at 105-110, you can ask the nj state trooper that one