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  1. The other night I was driving and I realized that this light was out: Is there any easy way to replace that one, or would it be more than a simple fix? I don't really have any experience tinkering with my car, so would I be able to do it with some instructions or should I just deal with that one light being out? All of the other lights on the console work fine. Thanks!
  2. Thanks a lot! I was looking at some ways to reset it, and all of them were different so I loosely based my driving off this and just racked up the miles. I pAssed inspection and now I'm good for a few years. Thank you!
  3. Yikes! I haven't checked this in a little while, I've been busy. I have an update on the car - so I took it to the garage and they cleared the codes out and reset the system. They said to drive 100 miles and come back, and everything should be working. I ended up putting around 250 miles on it and brought it back, but now the error codes are gone and the system still hasn't reset itself so I can't get it re-inspected yet. I took it back to the garage yesterday, and he said put 100 more miles on it then bring it back. Is there anything I have to do in those 100 miles to make it reset, or is it just one of those things that can take a while? Because right now the way I'm doing it seems like it's a waste of mileage and money. Another thing is that my CEL isn't on, and the garages I've brought it to seem surprised by that (not sure if that's in a good or bad way) - I wish I knew how to work on cars.
  4. I had to get my Corolla inspected at the end of November and after waiting for around 2 hours, I found out it failed for emissions, and the codes that were "present" are P0171, P0446, and P1349. I had 45 days from then to get it inspected again, so I have a few weeks before I have to bring it back. Has anyone had these codes before? Is there any way I could fix them myself without biting a huge bill at the garage? If not, how much should I be prepared to pay? Thanks!