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  1. anyone with rav4 the tranny sounds bit noisy starting driving from stop in the morning.. maybe this is normal...bit more tranny sounds than my Camry and this normal AWD sound?? nothing too loud...more of a noticeable awareness ..
  2. i just got delivery of the 2017 rav4 le awd,,, Fish, how to do you keep so many cars ?? doesn't your insurance go throught the roof ??
  3. I'm thinking about getting a rav4..the new ones the base model anything I should worry about like cat converter or wheel bearing problems with the corollas?
  4. I think I would get it inspected..instead of DIY... unless your proficient in suspension.. ask me why??? I miss diagnosed a sound..which led to catastrophic failure of ball joint on highway while towing a boat on a caravan
  5. what an ...I was stopped at red light for about 4 one behind...then I see a Ford escape comming don't stop and Rams my rear.. my car valued under will try to weasel out.. I spent 2 to 3 k in past brakes and tires past month!!! really bothers me.. stupidity of 6pm plentiful of rain.. very little traffic.. and I get rammed
  6. update..I got a conditional pass for spending 300 bucks enough until that's the max.. in a miracle situation if this car don't burn lots of $$
  7. consumes 1 quart every 5k Miles...well actually I put in half quart 2.5 k after oil change
  8. p0240 code...anyone have similar problem??
  9. I'm you to get the codes read when the light pops up again
  10. my Corolla check eng light I disconnected the battery and went for emissions at dealership..I got a fail because there's no data.. dumb of me not to realize the level of sophistication in 2003 they not charge me for anything.. what the most expensive thing that can go wrong on this old Corolla money pit??
  11. have a 90s corolla? ?? any rust? ?
  12. I live in the great white long you guys keep your rides until it makes no sense financially due to costs of repair? ?
  13. so I replaced everything from catalytic converter to tail pipe...not including the manifold..coat 700 the cheapo place ....labor was 75 and parts 600
  14. I'm going back to the cheapo place..and let them patch will be 15 yrs next apri