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98 Battery Is Grounded Where?

11 November 2012 - 05:13 PM

Had to swap batteries between my old 98 and my new 06 after I accidentally drained the 06 (stupid overhead dome light). My 98 battery was new from this summer, the 06 appears to be from last year. The 06 battery was charged up in a battery charger, supposedly to full status, but due to circumstances I never had a chance to properly hook it back into the 98 and turn the car on. So I was given another Peak charger which has some odd instructions, and I can't figure this out. It has two different instructions about whether or not the negative is grounded to the car, or the positive. I have no idea which one this is, I can't tell myself where the cords end up.

2006 S Dome Light Broken

30 October 2012 - 07:29 PM

So, apparently my dome light switch is busted, must like another forum member posted a while ago. Unfortunately, I already tried to take it apart to see what the problem is, and I so far haven't found the little steel ball. I can go to a junkyard and see if they have any Corollas I can snag one from, but does A: anyone know if this is a problem in ALL 9th gen with this switch? and B: know if I could maybe swap in an 8th or 10 gen setup instead? I've seen a few 2009 dome lights on eBay, but it looks substantially bigger than what I have.

Replacing Power Side Mirrors On A 9Th Gen

22 October 2012 - 03:59 PM

Anyone had to replace one of these? I did on my 98, and it mostly involved just pulling trim off to get to the plug. Is an 06 just as easy, or am I going to have to go deeper?

I should add, I BELIEVE I need to replace the whole mirror. When I hit the button inside to move it, I hear the motor running, but the glass doesn't move, and the motor makes no noise at all for left/right. The glass itself is also loose.

First-Time Maintenance On Used Car?

13 October 2012 - 02:18 PM

Wow, it's been awhile since I was in the forums.

Anyway, I have a 1998 LE that I bought in 2008 from a private seller. Over the years I've owned it, I've pretty much assumed the seller (who was the second owner) did some shady stuff to the car, if not possibly the first owner as well; had to replace the odometer cluster, the car leaks oil like a sieve (which isn't surprising, but the seller never mentioned it, and I had to find out when the light came on), the inside is a bit scratched up, the radio was obviously stolen and replaced (badly) at some point.....however, it's still managed to serve me well. But the amount of money I'd need to put into it to keep it up is growing out of control; the check engine light never goes off anymore, and I barely passed emissions as it is.
Because I live in Wisconsin, I figured I'd look elsewhere for a car. Like the south. Where it's also a lot cheaper; I managed to get a 2006 S with around 95,000 miles, one owner, in Florida, for $6,991 cash. (Plus some trumped up dealer fees, but that's not avoidable I suspect when you buy from dealerships.) I'm still finishing the paperwork, but my car should be here either next week or within two, and I'm curious as to any suggestions for a first-time maintenance check on a car that's been in a higher humidity area that's coming up to a drier (mostly; I do live close to Lake Michigan), colder climate.