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1zz-fe and oil consumption and new dipstick

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I am a new member and live in Jeddah. I am wondering if I should buy a corolla with 1zz-fe. Lately I read that a new dipstick measure is used to resolve the issue of oil consumption.

Comments and suggestions will be appreciate


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There are a number of posts that go into detail on those oil consumption issues - do a search on the forums and see if that will answer your questions.

As for oil consumption - any car can have oil consumption, much of that depends on maintenance history and driving conditions that the car sees. 

Concerning the 1ZZ-FE - a small number of them have seen some serious oil consumption issues.  Some owners have had better luck than others.  The key is checking the oil level regularly and often.  Can't assume that the oil level will not go down over time.  At the very minimum, check the level every time you fill up or once a week, whichever is less. 

The dipstick replacement you are referring to was only the later 1ZZ-FE models.  That effectively increased the oil capacity by ~0.5 liter, by moving the "full" mark on the dipstick.  

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