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Led 24Inch Light Bar In The Lower Front Bumper

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Hi i have 2001 corolla and i have installed 24inch led light bar comes on when you cycle the high beams on and cuts off when you cycle them off my current wiring is below,

Using a standard 30 amp 4 pin relay, the wiring is as follows:
*Pin 30 goes right to the battery with a 15 amp fuse in-line
*Pin 87 goes to the 12+ input of the LED light bar
*Pins 85 and 86 go directly to the wires in the plug for the high beam light bulb. Polarization doesn't matter with these wires (doesn't matter which is + and which is - either way they're just completing the circuit and tripping the relay)
Then just ground the - wire on the LED light bar and that is it, they kick on with the high beams.
that is what i am trying to achieve now
I want to be able to have the bar;
- Come on automatically when the high beams are flicked on
- Be able to turn the bar on and off while high beams are engaged for in town driving
- On a switch so that it can come on independently when the high beams are off
can someone advice me how to make this happen?

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