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I Heart Wagons

1993 Corolla Wagon Bedford, Ma.

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Hi, I'm a new member. My 93 Corolla DX Wagon just broke down in Billerica, Ma. They said it's not worth fixing due to age and has slow brake fluid leak, a broken strut, plus minor front end damage from low speed accident, though everything works. It's only got 90k miles, is manual with 1.8 litre engine and mint interior, dark green color. Very fast & agile, I just love it & hate to junk it. Anyone interested or know where to find someone who might want to restore it?


Thanks! EB

I have a photo but can't find a way to upload it on here...? Don't know the URL, it's on my computer.

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You can post a photo via one of those photo-sharing sites - most are free for non-commercial use. Those sites will have some feature to generate a link that can be pasted onto forums like this.

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