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Performance And Mpg's ?

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hey folks,

Im new to owning a toyota corolla. I just bought an 03 S, and its awesome in every way. A couple of the guys at the shop I bought it from said that there were some up grades that I could purchase that could increase my fuel economy to up over 50 mpg. I'm currently getting 44 mpg on the highway and 39-40 in town. For me, this is outstanding fuel economy, but if I could do better for a few hundred bux, it might be worth the investment. Could anyone suggest some of the upgrades I should be looking for?


I just put a K&N factory replacement filter in it the same day I bought it. I've been told you can get 1 or 2 mpg just with that. I gave it a tune up replaced two coil packs that were producing weak sparks. The tires are new, and properly inflated to the rating that coincides with the wieght of the car.


So I have been a Volks Wagon guy for a long time. I have modified some of them to an extreme.... I'm pushing fourty years old now and dont really want to go fast any more, I just want to get good fuel economy and take care of the car. this Corolla seems to have a lot of life left in it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated ...



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With the mileage you are currently getting, not much else you can do to get much better fuel economy from mods, especially if you are looking at only spending a few hundred dollars. Some aero mods might be able to eke out another 1-2 MPG - but may look a bit weird on the Corolla. Powertrain-wise, the 1ZZ-FE engine was already designed for getting great fuel economy and long intervals between service.


Only other thing that will net you more mileage is with driving techniques - they vary from subtle to extreme. Might be able to push it to 50MPG. I'll would just be happy with the numbers you are getting now - especially if you haven't changed your driving style.

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