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Which Coilovers To Get

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Hey guys,

so as the title says i am looking into getting my self more low ( about time i know) but now the hunt it on for the best ones to get as i don't want to buy cheap ones that will die on me after a couple of seasons but also don't want to kill my budget. ( though i will if it is the best option)

so here is the scenario. i drive my Toyota Corolla E90 as a typical daily so this means the winter is seen by her and yes it will consist of snow. i wouldn't mind having a 2" drop but am not planning on having to modify my fenders (yet) but would like to have the option to do so later.

if there is anything thing information wise that i have missed please ask.

thanks for your help guys.

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Need a bit more information - other than the drop, anything else that you need to have with the coilovers?


- ability to adjust the ride height quickly, remotely - or do you plan on sliding under the car to adjust the ride height

- remote control (manual or electric) of damping characteristics

- thoughts on what spring rate you want to run (ie, just daily, or possible track use down the road)

- what size tires/wheels are you planning to run, offset, plans for extreme camber


Budget is relative. For some - $600 to $800 is considered high, others can go into the thousands. Unfortunately, quality manufacturers (Cusco, Whiteline, TRD, etc.) of coilovers for the 6th gen Corolla are extremely pricey - if you can get your hands on them at all. So not just a matter of cost, but also availability.


That said - there are a number of possibly options. The E90 chassis will take coil-overs from the later generations. If I remember correctly, E90, E100, E110, AE92, AE110 are interchangeable. Granted not 100% direct swappable - might have to mess around with brake lines, etc. But the main bolt patterns should be a direct fit. You can ask the vendor for cross-compatibly to verify.




- Megan Racing and KSports are considered decent coil-overs (best bang for the buck) sort of thing. Pricing is on the order of $600-$1200 - depending on spring rates, adjustability, etc. This would be the simplest option - basically drop in, adjust height and go. If you can change struts and springs on the car - coil-overs would seem way easier to install. Some have the option of EDC - or electronic damping control - so you can control the characteristics of the strut (rebound/compression).


- Ground Control or Cusco sleeves are another option. You'll have to do some modifying / some fabrication work - but costs can be quite low - looking in the $200-$400 range. Matching the spring rate to the strut is the key here - if there is a mis-match - ride will be terrible, handling will be poor. Sounds like a hack compared to legit coil-over setup, but matched correctly, these can give you more flexibility than a traditional coil-over setup.


- Another possibility - airbags. Owners that want the most drop, but still retain the ability to return the car to stock height or even higher - can't beat the flexibility of airbags. Here, installation is the key - if installed correctly, will last as long or longer than a conventional coil-over setup. You also gain the ability to control ride height remotely - just by controlling the valves and air compressor. Costs will be similar to a higher end coil-over setup - depending on the condition of the car (ie, rotted unit-body or weak attachement points, they have to add plates to beef up the bottom). You won't be taking this sort of setup on the track - but for a daily driver that wants to go really low - airbags are the only way to go.

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