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Oil Change

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I have some oil change questions: after oil change when checking for leaks should car be running or off. I thought car should be off.

Also should you replace oil drain plug gasket each oil change. I think you should but do not know.


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If the car is off there is no oil pressure. If the filter is going to leak it will be more evident while the oil is flowing and under pressure.

I have never replaced my original plug gasket and it has never leaked.

I over tightened it only once and then 27 ft lbs thereafter.





And by the way, I never use oil filter wrenches on my 9th generation cars.

Just turn slowly by hand. As long as I don't over tighten more than 3/4 turn.

Both on and off by hand quite easily. Removing the old filter requires a firm grip and very slow counter clockwise turning.

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Car should be run after the oil change to circulate the oil. Let it run for a couple of minutes, note if you see any oil dripping or leaking. Turn off the car, crawl under it and check for leaks around the drain plug and oil filter.


As for the gasket - that is judgement call. If the drain plug gasket is not too distorted, you can try and reuse it. Sometimes that gasket is so damaged (overtightened) - that there is leak almost immediately if reused. I always try and keep a couple plug gaskets on hand. Use the old one and see if it leaks - if it does and tightening the plug a bit more doesn't help, I replace the gasket.


If you are going by the "book" - always replace the gasket. Do the job once, not twice.


I'm with Snow Tire - if you can get a good grip on the filter + filter gasket is lubricated with oil, once the gasket makes contact with the block - you should be able to turn it another 3/4 turn by hand. If you can't get a good grip - you can use a filter wrench - just make sure you turn it the right amount (most filters say 3/4 turn after gasket makes contact - double check the packaging).

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