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Tire Selection For 2011 Corolla Le All Season

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Hi, I've run into strange things getting new tires for my LE automatic with 65,000 miles. Michelin Premier A/S 195/65R15 gave me a _phenomenal_ increase in QUIET and SMOOTH, luxury ride. I had to return them, however because there was strong wandering in the steering with crosswinds or by-passing vehicles. I tried decreasing t.pressure from 35 to 32 lbs but still the strong tugging on the steering during minimal cross drafts made me worry about safety.


Replaced with Yokohama YK580s and they sound, ride and handle like a jalopy truck. I really dislike them but can't ask the dealer to return a second set of tires for me.


Can anyone recommend how to regain the lateral stability I had before on my 2011 Corolla LE with 65,000 miles?

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How are your road and driving conditions, and how worn out are your original struts? Replace them with new KYB GR-2. Inspect also your front control arm rear bushings, front stabilizer bar mount bushings and end links, inner tie-rod ends, ball joints, wheel bearings...







Adding a front strut bar improved steering feel substantially. Also available for your 2011:




My Progress rear stabilizer bar was the best upgrade for improvement in overall stability:




It works quite well in conjunction with rear strut bar: http://www.nextgentuning.rpmware.com/ultra_racing/ultra_racing_rear_strut_bar/re2522/i-1964483.aspx

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Yokohama YK580 are more of a performance oriented tire, just happens to have long service life compared to comparable tires in its class. I will tend to ride a bit harsher and noisier than the Michelin tires - but the trade off will be better wet road, dry road performance.


Might have to play around with tire pressures with that tire. On my Yokohamas - I tend to run them a little on the high side to stiffen up their sidewall. Lends to much sharper steering and smoother ride, though the tire noise will still be there.


Those Michelin Premier A/S tires go at it a different way - almost like two different tires in one. Lots of sipes, almost continuous center rib for smooth, straight driving. But those sipes also allow for a significant amount of tread compliance - great for light snow, wet roads - but tends to wander and pull, especially on uneven roads. Again - their ride might have been improved with playing with tire pressures - though Michelins generally don't tolerate higher pressure like other manufacturers.

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