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Rear Speakers

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Well, turned out they were not easier to do. After putting off doing my rear speakers (for background story read my front speaker thread) I decided to take everything apart and take a look at what I had to work with. Here is the stock speaker



I then cut out the basket to fit the new speakers


then I took the factory connector apart. I wanted to completely remove the factory wire but it is to delicate and I left as it


I used shrink tube to keep the wires together.


I thought this plastic was solid and I could screw new speaker into it (sorta what I did on my fronts) but when I took the foam off it turn out to be hollow. What I did was filled it in with epoxy glue where needed and glued the screws in it. this by far is the weakest link and hopefully it works cuz I don't want to take it all apart again. Sorry no pic of the marriage



I cut down the molded plastic that extends and seals with the foam on the speakers so as to not have any clearance issues with new speakers





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Looks pretty good to me!


Shouldn't come loose, as you dropped them in from the top onto the existing "basket". Mine were too tall to fit in that manner - so I mounted them from the bottom-up. Drawback, is that they project pretty far into the trunk - on more than a couple of occasions, I've bumped the speaker magnet/basket with cargo I was loading into the trunk.

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