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Feild Service Manual.

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Where do you get a field service manual. I am talking about the book the mechanics use and it tells you all the procedures and what tools are needed. The one the toyota mechanics use. Do you get that at the dealership.

Now the new cars that are being made 2015 and newer can you get field service manuals for these cars as well. Did they stop selling the manual for the new cars.

When I get a new toyota I want to get the field service manual with the car just did not know if they still sell them and where at.

Let me know.


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In my case, I have access to them from a speed shop back home for the FSM and more detailed manuals. But I also own a Haynes manual for maintenance level sort of work - usually what I turn to first, then double check with the Toyota FSM.


You can order a hardcopy at the dealership - can be pretty pricey, even for older cars - these can run an easy $200+.


There is also an electronic resource - Toyota's TIS (Technical Information System) - It is subscription based, you can get a subscription monthly or yearly.


There are also Haynes and Chilton's repair manuals. Those are a good value and can get you 80-90% of the information you need, for a fraction of the cost of the FSM (Factory Service Manual). Much of the information here comes directly from the Toyota FSM.


From time to time - you might see an authentic FSM pop up on EBay or Craigslist. Note that there are a ton of $5 - $10 PDF copies on EBAY for the FSM - buy them at your own risk. Sometimes you get lucky and get a real FSM - sometimes you get one for a different market/region, ie. JDM market. I usually don't recommend that course and they are selling copies of copyrighted materials - just pushes up the prices for people that want to get legit copies.


For newer cars - your only recourse is to wait for a manual to come out or buy the FSM for $$$$. Sometimes, the information from previous model years will cross-over enough to let you cover basic maintenance until a commercial (Haynes/Chiltons) manual comes out.

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Nope - we'd have to order it from the dealership + obligatory markup. Shops like our generally don't get a break from dealerships - not enough volume for them to really care. Be cheaper to get it on your own -


I usually find that I can get parts at my local dealership cheaper than the shop if I pay cash, same with other wear items like tires, etc. but something like the FSM are sold at MSRP retail, no price break for cash.


TIS would be the best value to owners - as it would have the latest revisions, TSBs, addendums, etc. on the available technical library. You won't be able to get to the security or Techstream access - unless you are a auto repair pro or member of the locksmith's association. But those are generally outside the scope of even a capable DIYer (ie, don't have access to the tools to do those particular jobs).

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