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2006 Sienna Only Driver Side Pw Window Works

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All power windows, except on the driver side fell "silent" instantly on my wife's 2006 Sienna van. I checked and found only one fuse for power windows under the dash on the driver side harness and it is fine. If I pull that out the remaining driver side window also dies. This is freaky, since it must be a fuse (or other kind of single-point) problem. There is no way all other windows would go bad instantly (they can't be moved from any switch in the car) and at the same time. However, if there is only one fuse and it works, where the heck is the problem?


Thanks for any clues!



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There is some "logic" built into the driver's side power window switch. The driver's side switch is usually suspect in these types of cases. Double check to make sure that the window control lockout is not engaged on the driver's switch panel (picture of a window partially rolled down with an X though it). If cycling that button makes no difference with the other windows, you'll need to pull the switches out and test for power/continuity. That will mean pull the door panels off themselves - not hard, but lots of work and wire tracing.


Was anything added to the car recently, new radio, new power adapters, replaced battery, new alarm system, additional power plugs for portable electronic equipment, etc.? Are there any other electrical issues with the car - gauges not lighting up, displays/readouts not working, etc.?


Fuse and relays - you already found the main fuse for the power windows. There is also a GAUGE fuse that is tied into the power window system as well as two relays (integration relay and main power relay) - integration relay and GAUGE fuse should be close to where the main window fuse was, the main power fuse would be on a separate panel, could be by the lower driver's side cowl area or even under the hood in one of the relay boxes on the side.

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