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Corolla Electric Power Steering

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After readig this, I'm so glad I made sure my dealer got me a new 2008 CE without power windows or power locks.


If only I could have avoided the security system with its $100 chipped keys.

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 As I've mentioned before, I have an '09 Corolla S. Last summer, when washing it, the doors suddenly locked. I heard them click. I was standing with my washing sponge at the driver's side door. I took my key out and unlocked them. A little while later, the doors locked themselves again. Wondering what could be doing it, I noticed where and how I was standing next to the driver's door. In my pocket was my cell phone, and it was on. I unlocked the doors, took my cell phone, held it up to the door lock, and the doors locked themselves!


Toyota claims there is nothing wrong with their electronic systems. My Samsung Hue II locks my Corolla's doors when placed close enough to them! Aren't all consumer electronic devices supposed to be inert when around other consumer electronic devices?


My steering hasn't gone whacky like others' have. I wonder if something as simple as a cell phone or iPod being too close to the steering's motor could cause the steering to go wild. From the reviews I've read, many have claimed their steering felt wrong not long after buying their Corolla.


Check out what others have said at Topix: http://www.topix.com...VQJ8NDQHTI3G12G

UPDATE: See the article at AOL Autos about this topic: http://autos.aol.com...g-investigation


Here is a little snippet of the article: " notice the steeering wheel sometimes pulses only when my cell phone is...docked to the right of the steering wheel," wrote one Corolla driver in an official complaint on June 26, 2009. "It's strange I can sometimes tell if my Blackberry is going to ring or get an email. The steering wheel seems to shake or try to steer on its own. This is similar to my other 2009 Toyota Corolla that I resold to the dealer. I wonder if more shielding is needed to reduce any interference."




Thanks for posting that link on the "modification" - very interesting.


On a side note, I tried to "purposely" get my steering, doors to go all haywire with a frequency sweeper that I built up for fun, as well as various smartphones, WiFi, Bluetooth, cordless phone, and other electronic devices including some handheld VHF/UHF radios and a garage door opener - that pretty much covered the range from 27Hz to 5.8GHz and I got nothing. Possible it is because I have a Matrix, which compared to the Corollas, has significantly more metal. But I'd assume that in close proximately, should still be relatively "affected" by RF in the same manner as other cars.


Be interesting to see where this goes, if it is an issue with a particular build, if any running changes makes potential RF interference more or less likely to occur.

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