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Fs: 97 Starter

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Hey new forum (new to me). I'm a member at newcelica.org and was told to list this item here. I had a 93 Corolla. The car wouldn't start one day so I went out and bought a starter from a parts yard. The donor vehicle was a 97 Corolla, apparently the same engine type. I had a wrecked the Rolla but it was drivable; it had a damaged front end. I drove like this for a few months. So I crawled underneath after buying the part just to find out I blew a seal and I couldn't fix it. Being that I had at least $1,200 in body damage on a $2,800 car, I opted to not repair it and had it towed and got $50 for the title. I was moving and couldn't do a damn thing about it at the time. The car had to go.


So I've been sitting on this starter from a 97 Corolla. I have not used it ever. When I bought it at Marietta Auto Salvage, they tested it for me/demonstrated it worked. I don't know how they did this but they took a flat head screw driver, touched and connected a couple of connectors and it "kicked" or started right there on the floor hooked up to nothing. So I know it worked and then bought it.


I am told it will not fit on my Celica.


I bought it for $85 plus tax so $87.50.


I'll take $80 for it just to get it gone. I'll consider reasonable offers if it doesn't sell. I'm not in a huge huge hurry but would like it gone within a month or two. So I may re-post this once or twice. I will hold onto offers that are lower than what I want right now in case it doesn't sell. It seems like a good price for a part that works. I am on eBay as supra_celica and I have 100% buyer and seller feedback. If you prefer I list this on ebay to protect you, that's fine, but ebay will charge me fees so we'll have to work something out. ebay or not, I do have pay pal.


I live in Woodstock Ga 30189 and I am willing to ship if you really want it and cover shipping (I'll work with you on final price).


Thanks for your interest. I have my receipts from my original transaction as well. The part still has the price tag and info on it.



veilside2celica@yahoo.com is the best way to reach me.



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