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Toyota's Accelerator Pedal Supplier

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CTS Automotive Canada, manufacturer of the pedal in question, has this to say about the January recall: http://www.ctscorp.c...es/nr100127.htm


It's clear, direct, and diplomatic.


CBS channel 2 in New York is running this piece: http://wcbstv.com/co....2.1453416.html


So far, my '09 Corolla S is doing fine. I've had no issues with the pedal whatsoever. Toyota will mail me a recall notice, but I'm not sure I'm going to jump on it. I read in a forum (maybe this one) where a lady had her brake vacuum thing replaced (cold weather/brake pressure issue) and now her car runs terribly, she says. I'll wait until the new "fix" really is a fix before I answer the recall.


Just my opinion:-)

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